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Nigel wasn't feeling it, particularly with the awesomely hilarious cape. He even criticizes Dave's choreo, which is rare for this show but even rarer for Nigel. Mary and Adam didn't like it either. Huh. I think the smoothness translated as a lack of dynamic movement, which I can understand. I can't see these two being eliminated this early, but this was the only poorly reviewed routine of the night so far, so who knows. People, if I lose Legacy this early I will be so pissed.

Next, Kathryn and Nathan with a Tony/Melanie rumba. Okay, kiddo, here's where you make or break. Okay, I don't understand setting a rumba to "Walk On By," nor do I understand dressing Nathan up like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. His intensity reads a bit like disinterest here, and Kathryn's not good enough to carry this thing on her own. She certainly gives it the old college try, though, slinking up and down and throwing herself about. It sounds like I'm picking on him, but seriously, that rumba underwhelmed and Nathan is why.

Nigel seems to think the disinterest was in line with the song choice (fair enough), but he still feels Nathan missed the necessary emotional connection. And he yet again criticizes the choreo (Tony/Melanie have borne the brunt of these rare occasions more often that not) for not being ballroom enough. Mary compliments Nathan on his footwork, but says the chemistry was simply "not believable." Some small pocket of fans (family) screams their displeasure, and in an endearing moment, Nathan mouths for them to cut it out. Adam notes how "polarizing" Nathan has been, but doesn't have much interest in giving them negative feedback. Adam's having one of his too-nicey-nice weeks. I'll reconnect with him next week.

Legacy has a friend named "Flea" and was inspired to dance by You Got Served. That's the only takeaway I need from his bio vid. His solo, set to "No Air," is totally wild, features about a dozen head spins, and is generally a billion times fresher than it was during auditions/Vegas. He's come a long way in his own genre as well as everything else. It's gonna take me a while to get past this Flea thing, but otherwise, I'm so into Legacy it's stupid. Ooh! Also of note: Cat tells him that Kathryn was in the wings "screaming her head off" during his solo. THEY ARE IN LOVE. Allegedly.

Jakob and Ellenore! Sonya! Contemporary! I'll be back in about three minutes. Okay! Back! Not having been the beneficiary of rehearsal footage, I'm going to surmise that this routine was either about a pair of flying monkeys from Oz having a Virginia Woolf-style argument after a night out, or an insect mating ritual. Either way, it was just weirdo bliss. Ellenore dancing to Sonya's choreo feels so right, it's almost criminal not to feature it every week. And Jakob's the perfect fit to their shared madness. If you're looking for a worthy successor to Sonya's "The Garden" routine, you've found it.

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