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Nigel totally freaks out, and justifiably so. He calls it "brilliance" for their incredible chemistry, notes the Ellenore/Sonya cosmic synergy, and calls Jakob "annoyingly brilliant." HA! Lythgoe, you're having your moments this week, I'll give you that. Mary calls them "the new dream team" (duh), yes they are! She and Nigel start screaming in unison. And Adam then proceeds to win me back by calling this routine a sequel to "The Garden." You guys, I don't know what to tell you. Sometimes I've got it going on. He leads the judges in a standing O, then Mary gets them all doing the Hot Tamale Train arm-rolls. They're fucking insane.

Ashleigh, in her bio vid, finally reveals the secret behind that six-year period where she couldn't dance: it was a parasitic infection, and she was bed-ridden and in a wheelchair and in terrible pain. Ashleigh's mom and her GIANT awesome hair start to cry just talking about it. Her solo is kind of the sparkly-dress equivalent of hairography, but seeing as I'm too busy coming to terms with how much I suddenly like her, we'll call it good and leave it at that.

Russell and Mollee are dancing a jive, choreographed by Anya and Pasha NOT THAT WE GET TO SEE THEM. Grr. They're dancing to "Land of 1000 Dances," which already puts me in a good mood. Because it's the jive, I'm paying severe attention to their legs, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere near the bounciness a jive should have. As a result, it's fairly low energy. They throw in a couple flips -- as well as yet another linked-arms over-the-back maneuver, which I guess is their calling card now -- but it's window dressing.

Nigel liked it. He thinks they survived having to follow Jakob and Ellenore. He also tells Mollee she's maturing AGAIN. So now it's just from routine to routine? Is she eligible for Social Security yet? Mary doesn't criticize the footwork, so maybe I'm off the mark. But this has been a very screamy night for Mary overall, so perhaps we shouldn't go by her. Adam thinks they had great chemistry, again.

One last bio video, from Jakob. We get the always wonderful "he wasn't too interested in sports" Dad interview, and then his mom cries over how hard he's worked to get here. And then Jakob lays down a solo where most laws of physics are denied and even jokers like Pat Monahan are put in service to something beautiful. I love this kid something severe.

Rundown! Again, in order of most amazing: 1) Jakob and Ellenore's contemporary; 2) Mollee and Russell's lyrical jazz; 3) Jakob and Ellenore's quickstep; 4) Kathryn and Nathan's Broadway; 5) Legacy and Ashleigh's contemporary; 6) Legacy and Ashleigh's hip-hop; 7) Mollee and Russell's jive; 8) Noelle and Ryan's waltz; 9) Kathryn and Nathan's rumba; 10) Noelle and Ryan's hip-hop.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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