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Hello! Cat's looking awfully saucy as she welcomes us to the show. She's got some kind of lopsided smirk going on that's a very nice effect. In the opening intro-dance, I've just noticed that when the dancers pair off at the end, it isn't with their regularly assigned partners. I don't know if that means anything, but I encourage you to invent crazy conspiracy theories about why Mollee and Russell are next to each other. And then keep them to yourself, because the forums have enough real theories to take up their time.

Hello, judges. Same three. Cat claims there's no time to chat, because we're getting two dances per couple. But before we get to the dancing, it's time for some chatting! This is the last week everyone will be in their assigned pairings, so we're going to learn the dances will miss about their partners. This is pretty boring. I mean, Ellenore's going to miss Ryan's muscles. Shocked?

Ryan and Ellenore are up first with the Lindy Hop and yet another new choreographer Carla Heiney. The Lindy Hop involves the female dancer being flung around and tossed in the air, so this seems like a pretty good pairing for it. If you're curious, my favorite Lindy Hop is this clip from Hellzapoppin'. So I'm looking for some high energy here.

The music is "I've Got To Be A Rug Cutter" by the Boilermaker Jazz Band. It feels about three-quarters speed to me, but that's probably because I just watched that Hellzapoppin' clip. Ryan swings Ellenore around in an entertaining way, and they seem to be enjoying themselves. Adam describes both dancers as "cute as all get-out" and lets us know that Ryan hurt his back this week. Also, the one flippy thing I really liked is called "coffee grinders with front flares", apparently. Mary says it was stunning and also mentions that Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning died this year. Say, if you want to see Frankie Manning kicking ass at the Lindy Hop, you can look at that video clip I linked in the last paragraph. He's the first guy you see, in the overalls. See, it all ties together. Oh, and back to this show: Mary liked the dance a lot. So did Nigel, although he tries one of those swerves where you say "I thought it was terrible... that we haven't had a Lindy Hop on in three seasons."

Kathryn and Legacy have a Sonya jazz routine. Yay! I like Sonya. Her routine is about a man who quivers every time he sees his lady, and Legacy is excited about the spot where he bites Kathryn's hand. That's about it for the prelims, and they will be dancing to "So Deep" by Hot Chip. It starts with Legacy getting to bust out one of his fancy B-boy power moves, and then there's a lot of half-naked writhing and strutting. Legacy gets a few more moves in, but they're more or less part of the routine. He's really grown on me this season. I am also obliged to point out that Kathryn's legs are splayed apart for about 90% of the dance. Adam seems blown away. Mary specifically praises Legacy's dancing in between the B-boy moves. Nigel says it was one of his favorite routines of the season, and we cut to Sonya doing a victory dance in the audience. Nigel, like (I think) everyone, is impressed with Legacy's musicality, which he didn't think was his strong suit in Las Vegas.

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