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As soon as you see the costumes for the group dance -- Second World War-era uniforms from the U.S. armed forces -- you just knew the music was going to be "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," didn't you? Fortunately, Hok gets to dance with the rest of them, and isn't forced to watch from the sidelines in an internment camp.

"At this point, no one wants to go home," says Cat. As opposed to any other point, where the dancers hope to go home, I suppose. I think her hair must be pulled back too tight. She introduces the "jidges" -- sounds like Cat is in on the joke.

Sabra and Dominic and Anya and Danny are brought onstage. One couple is safe, one is in the bottom three. We revisit how much the judges loved Sabra and Dominic's jive, and how much more they loved Anya and Danny's foxtrot. Sabra and Dominic…are safe. They hug. This means Anya and Danny are in the bottom three. Cat offers them comfort, and then asks the judges what's up. Mary says she doesn't understand why two of the most exciting and talented dancers they've ever had on this show didn't get more votes. "If I have anything to say about it, they're not going down on my watch!" she yells. I think Mary needs to consider the possibility that people are willing to vote off any couple capable of making her squeal.

We revisit Jaimie and Hok's confusing Mr. Bojangles routine, in which Jaimie was praised, but Hok's performance as a supposed old man was met with indifference. Meanwhile Sara and Pasha's jazz routine managed to be sexy despite hideous '80s clothes, complete with suspenders. Mary didn't think it was great. But America voted, and they are safe. Mary's oh-fer-two in terms of America giving a shit what she thinks. So Jaimie and Hok will be dancing for their lives. Hok looks quite bummed, unable to muster up the perky optimism that Jaimie has. "I want to dance!" she squeals, seemingly genuinely excited, after Nigel seeks out her dance teacher in the audience to praise her.

So: last up are Neil and Lauren, and Kameron and Lacey. Lauren and Neil did a contemporary Mia Michaels routine that left Nigel fumbling before finally admitting that he didn't like it, although the flashback scenes leave us with the impression he did like it, so I'm guessing that they'll be safe, and he won't look stupid. Kameron and Lacey's hip-hop routine left Wade cold, calling Lacey contrived, and saying that he didn't really feel it from either of them. Similarly, Nigel wasn't a big fan. Cat announces that Neil and Lauren are in the bottom three. Wade is extremely surprised, as he was the lone judge who liked the routine. "You need to put blood on that dance floor tonight," he says.

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