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Oh, Cat Deeley. How I've missed you, all eight feet of you, and the way you throw it to the crowd when you say, "Please welcome your…" so the audience can yell "judges!" That's always fun. She tells us that after tonight the dancers will select new partners every week. Wade Robson is on the panel tonight, joining Mary and Nigel, who starts talking about how important it is to make the top ten, because the top 10 are the ones who go on the tour and "reap the rewards," and Cat ridiculously says the tour was like Beatlemania. She is completely serious. Her relentless cheerleading is kind of endearing. Mary blathers on about how last year it was a one-horse race, but this year the top spot is up for anybody. You know, I didn't watch the show last year, but I'm willing to bet Mary wasn't saying last season that it was a one-horse race. Maybe I'm too cynical. Maybe the current season of any given reality show really does have the most talent of any season; we keep going from strength to strength. Wade says something about wanting to see a human being up there, and not just a dancer. Wade Robson: pro-human.

This week's gimmick is asking the dancers what they think of their partners. Let me guess: no one likes each other, and everyone's partners are ugly. Ugh. Why don't we just cut this show to an hour and have it be all dancing?

Sabra says Dominic is so funny! Dominic says he can always trust Sabra, and also her really puffy hair "smells good." Sabra says the worst thing about Dominic is that he drops her a lot. Dominic deadpans that the worst thing about Sabra is that for some reason she has trust issues with him, and he has no idea why.

They're doing the jive this week. "Jive is like a real…" says Dominic, at a loss for words. Tony Meredith is doing the choreography. Sabra is initially thrilled because she doesn't figure there are many lifts, and is therefore at less risk of having her brains splattered all over the floor thanks to her partner Butterfingers. Only guess what! There's a lift where Dominic is going to press her over his head. "I'm there for you," he assures her. Heh.

"I Do The Jerk" by Ryan Shaw is the music. Sabra's in a sparkly purple dress that matches Dominic's tie, and he's otherwise in black. I didn't like Dominic much at first (I mean at the beginning of the season, not tonight) but I've really come around. Sabra is fantastic as usual, and the two of them have a blast out there. It's a fun routine, although the bit where Dominic swings Sabra around and he steps over her legs as she passes him under, I've seen better. Their energy is fantastic. I actually missed recapping this show because of routines like this. They should be dancing in a movie in the ‘60s that also starts the Monkees. The routine ends with Dominic pretending to fall off the stage. Nice touch.

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