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Sara says Pasha has the best partnering skills of any of the men, since he's used to working with a partner. Pasha's impressed by how strong Sara is. I develop a little crush on Sara when she makes a "two tickets to the gun show" joke. Then they disagree on who spends more time in the bathroom in the mornings, with Sara saying Pasha's more of a girl than she is.

They're dancing jazz this week, working with Mandy Moore, or as she's always referred to, "choreographer Mandy Moore," just so we don't we don't think the singer-slash-actress-slash-Neutrogena shill suddenly got old. Pasha says whenever he thinks of jazz, he thinks of "jazz hands." Apparently, this routine will only contribute to that cliché.

They're dancing to "Body Language" by Queen, which is not a Queen song I'm familiar with. Turns out I haven't missed much. "Give me your body" is a lyric that features prominently, and there is indeed lots of touching, entwining arms, arching bodies and yanking of suspenders. The song sucks, but I liked the routine. Sara smolders; she brings heat to her routines matched only by Anya, and it always cracks me up how nice and goofy Pasha radiates sexiness when he dances. Wade loved the piece, and he's bang-on when he praises them, especially given how out of their element they are every week. Mary praises a particular lift they did, because of the feeling Sara put into it. She's not sure it's one of the best pieces this week, though. Nigel's not sure they projected the emotion out into the audience, but he thinks they did. He praises the routine and mentions some '50s influences, and in the audience, choreographer Mandy Moore closes her eyes and nods her head. Nigel totally gets me!

Lauren and Neil are up next. Neil is a really good-looking guy, says Lauren, and it's nice to work with someone who's attractive, who you're attracted to. See, that's what I told that intern a couple of years ago, but no dice: restraining order it is. Neil jokes that Lauren is also a good-loking guy, which is a nice segue into Lauren complaining that Neil tells terrible jokes. Neil then complains that Lauren never laughs at his awesome jokes, and you can hear the crickets chirping up in the balcony.

This week they're dancing contemporary, which means… oh, God. Mia Michaels. I like her choreography, but she herself makes me want to punch people. Lauren counts off the bruises on her arms and legs, and Neil's feeling the pain too.

"Let The Drummer Kick" by Citizen Cope features Lauren and Neil dressed like bus hijackers in sleeveless shirts. Tuques and dark goggles. Green and yellow gloves. Were Neil not a little bit bigger, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell who was who. This is one of those routines that does nothing for me, but I'm impressed by the athleticism. You could lock me in a dance studio for months and I'd never be able to do this. Flailing limbs and crouches and leaps and scarecrow arms.

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