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It Had To Be You" by Brian Evans. Anya's in a blue dress with feathery skirt and flowers in her hair. Danny, who yes, in addition to be awesomely named, is looking good in a suit. And the foxtrot turns out to be less non-traditional than I thought it would be. I really liked this routine; I imagine that when you're dancing a more traditional dance, technique and emotion count for a lot more than innovation, and I thought they were the tops.

Wade demonstrates a breathtaking misunderstanding of what it means to be a judge in a given week, as he admits to having prepared what he was going to say to Danny in advance of watching him dance tonight. He was going to talk about how Danny has not really moved him, before this week. Nothing like deciding you’re going to slam somebody before you even watch the routine the week you’re actually a judge. Luckily for Danny, Wade thought he wass really good. Mary says she's loved the two of them since the very beginning, and they didn't let her tonight. If only her praise could stop Danny from sweating up the stage. AND THEN SHE SCREAMS, and I remember why I wasn't sorry about taking a little mid-show vacation. Nigel calls it the best foxtrot they've seen on the stage, and then once again demonstrates his inferiority complex towards That Other Dancing Show that he says will have to change its name because the stars are on THIS stage. Nice try, Nigel.

Kameron says Lacey's been a great help in partnering, since he doesn't have a lot of ballroom experience. See, that's nice. Lacey, on the other hand, says that Kameron is good-looking, so it's easy to work with him. Kameron says Lacey has a weave that gets smelly because she can't wash it all the time, and Lacey retaliates by pointing out that Kameron sweats a lot.

Hip-hop with Dan Karaty. Boy chasing girl, says Dan, in this case a girl who's really nasty, while Kameron is kind of shy but can't keep his eyes off her. Kameron jokes that it's a role reversal, because off-stage Lacey's always chasing him.

"Here I Come" by Fergie. Lacey does a nasty cheerleader routine while Kameron strolls out on stage to get all up in her business. With the baseball cap, he looks like K-Fed! And they hip-hop, they don't stop, at least until Kameron gets a little solo while Lacey as the nasty cheerleader (who probably shouldn't grin so much in this routine) checks him out from the side of the stage. There is booty-shaking. There is Kameron looking up Lacey's skirt. And in the end, Kameron drops Lacey's skanky ass for a girl from the audience, much to Lacey's chagrin.

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