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Wade: "Kameron: you dance a bit heavy for me." He's also not sure about the "musicality" of it, by which he means Kameron wasn't "inside the music" enough. Wade says while he likes Lacey, he thinks her performance level is usually professional but not necessarily personal. I get that. I actually think it's Lacey who's not really inside the music, as Wade just said. Lacey seems nice, and she's a phenomenal dancer, but she always seems on, mugging for the camera and whatever; she never seems to lose herself in the movement. More than any other dancer, I find she's the one who's most noticeably putting on an act each week, rather than enjoying herself, feeling the music. If I had to guess? Family pressure. Anything less than the title means she's fallen short of her brother, right? Mary says she agrees about Kameron, but Lacey was right on point. Lacey's gratified that Mary liked her, bringing back the perkiness that completely vanished when Dan was critical; I think just about all the other dancers are better able to take criticism in stride than Lacey is -- so maybe her perkiness is pasted on. Then again, maybe she genuinely wants this more than the other dancers do. Either way, she needs to relax a little. Nigel says Kameron didn't sell himself well enough, especially given that he had a little solo in which to do it: "Did you bring it, Kameron? No, I don't think you did." Then Nigel acknowledges that they've never been in the bottom three as a couple, so we'll see what happens. Cat presses him a little bit to find out if he thinks they're in trouble. All he says is that it wasn't his favourite routine of the ones presented tonight. This naturally earns boos from morons: "Boo! You have expressed an opinion! One that is somewhat wishy-washy, but an opinion nonetheless! Booooooo."

Well, they've all danced, and we've seen endless footage from rehearsals, and long recaps of last week's routines, and pointlessly asked the dancers what they like about each other, and we still have time to kill, so Cat asks the judges to offer some final comments, which is how we end up with Nigel basically imploring whoever gets voted out this week not to kill themselves. That's how I interpret it, anyway.

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