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Sweet-and-Sour Charity

Next up are Kevin, Karen, and of course Karen's Sensssyewality. Karen studied at the Martha Graham studio in New York and talks about not understanding the dance terms, so she just sat back and observed and "learned the language of dance." So she learned the language of dance by... learning. Huh. Meanwhile, Kevin's great dance memory was dancing at a Michael Jackson tribute. You know, back in the days three months ago. He talks about getting emotional and feeling like he WAS Michael Jackson. Look, I'm glad Wade Robson now has someone to talk to about his weird MJ issues, but this definitely makes me think Kevin is strange. Sorry.

They'll be dancing a Broadway number choreographed by newbie Spencer Liff (hellooooo, Spencer Liff!). All three appear to agree that Karen and Kevin were not prepared for how difficult this style would be. They're dancing to "If My Friends Could See Me Now," from Sweet Charity (sung here by Christina Applegate, but drilled into your brain in the '80s by one Kathie Lee Gifford). I dunno, guys, maybe it's the song, but there is just ZERO energy from Kevin and Karen on this one. It feels like they're running through the steps in rehearsal rather than a real performance. Their characters are just not coming through, which I think would be a cardinal sin in Broadway, and Kevin in particular seems mighty stiff.

Nigel feels like they totally missed the humor in the piece, which was essential. He also chalks Karen's shortcomings up to the fact that the routine didn't require her to be "sexual," which feels low-blow-adjacent. Mary calls it "safe" and knocks Kevin for his high shoulders (yes) and awkwardness. Adam patronizes Kevin a bit with the "you're a hip-hopper doing BROADWAY" stuff, but he does say it's nice to see Karen not playing the sensssssyewal role this time.

Russell and Noelle are next, and they'll be doing a foxtrot with choreographer Eddie Simon. Eddie confirms my suspicion that Russell already danced this in Week 1 (with Melanie, when Noelle was injured). But I guess you get to repeat styles if you both didn't dance the original. Or something. You guys, this mysterious process of picking the genres fascinates me. Obviously, I have a functioning brain so I don't believe these are truly random. But sometimes the choices are so wonky that I wonder if maybe there's more randomness than I think? Either way, I feel like FOX could do far, FAR worse than televising a half-hour of dancers drawing their new styles on Friday nights. It'd have to get better ratings than Dollhouse, right?

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So You Think You Can Dance




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