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Cat calls the dancers over and points out that Victor has a "war wound" -- Channing "pecked" him a little too vigorously and he ended up with five stitches juuust above his eye which is exactly where I got stitches when I was a kid I love you Victor! "I wanted six, though, to represent Season 6, like a battle wound? But they wouldn't give it to me." You guys? I may need to take a moment. A moment to ponder Victor's extreme cuteness. And then Nigel ruins it all by giving him the kiss of death and saying he's good but he hasn't grown. Hey Nigel, can we possibly get rid of the dancers who haven't been any good yet (kevinkevinkevin) before we start sideswiping the good ones who "haven't grown"? Please? Mary echoes Nigel's "good but not a star" faint praise. Adam reflects Mary and Nigel's thoughts on Channing, which is that she's finally making a positive impression on them. He also thinks Victor is "fantastic" but wanting. Whatever. The important part is that he calls into question the Bobby McFerrin song, and how it kept him from getting into the performance (Nigel agrees). Adam says it's not Tyce's fault (it is) and that it was very "smart" choreography (it wasn't), but this is yet again Adam showing a willingness to question the choreo, at least a little. It's welcome. P.S. Save Victor.

Kathryn and Legacy! Paso Doble! Let's do this. (Are we going to ignore Legacy calling himself a "rebel" vis-à-vis his childhood videos? Yes, we are.) Tony Meredith is the choreographer (sans Melanie LaPatin??) and rather than give the usual bullfighter/cape spiel, he tells us this routine will be about a returning admiral and his concubine. Okay, then! The production values go into HIGH DRAMA as we see the rehearsals, culminating in Legacy splitting his pants. And on that note...

To start with, I should note that Legacy has heroically thrown off the shackles of his shirt, because no mere cloth can stand between him and his lady. The routine, being a paso doble, is full of drama and crashing music and lots of spinning. Ballroom was always going to be a challenge for Legacy, and indeed Kathryn's the one carrying this performance. But he's keeping up pretty well -- there are a few times you can see him counting out steps, and the end (a giant spin on the floor, followed by Kathryn leaping into Legacy's arms and wrapping herself around his midsection) is seriously choppy and hesitant. I'd grade Kathryn a A- and Legacy a B-, all things considered.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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