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Nigel says they lucked out pulling Travis this week, as this was his favorite routine of the night. He praises Ryan's strength and notes the choreographers' collective love of Ellenore's adaptability (though he worries that may make her feel less distinct to America). He also calls Ryan the "best ballroom dancer who has ever done contemporary," which is annoying because it forces me to become Fact-Checky McGillicuddy, and ... better than Lacey? Jury's still out for me on that. Mary, and all the judges really, continues to gush love at Travis Wall from all directions. It would seem excessive if he didn't deserve all of it and more for having to lose to Benji. Mary also starts crying as she tells Ryan that he's an inspiration for ballroom dancers who may shy away from this show because of the different styles. She quotes her grandma, saying they were "like walking on tall cotton." I kind of like that. Adam feels like this is the first catch-your-breath moment of the season.

One more to go! Nathan and Mollee will dance a pop-jazz routine for Laurie-Ann Gibson. OH SHIT. In case anybody felt that these two didn't get enough punishment last week, I guess. It delights me to tell you that Laurie-Ann has shaved a portion of her head into a half-mohawk. This dance appears to have much to do with... screaming? Sure. So they all scream at each other for a while before Laurie-Ann informs the kids that they gave her goosebumps. What a softie!

Dancing to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, this feels like a lovers-on-the-run type of deal. True to Laurie-Ann's militaristic form, there's a lot of symmetrical movement, a lot of bounding around the stage, if not very much interaction. I dunno, it's okay. Mollee and Nathan both dance it quite well -- after last week, it's important to note that they're both incredibly good at this dancing thing. I'm just not sure this routine called for them to show much of it.

Nigel, predictably, praises how much better they were this week than last week. Though he does tell Nathan he needs to keep improving, because Russell, Ryan, Jakob, and Legacy are becoming better dancers than he is. Mary says it was really good, though it didn't give her chills. She offers a "restrained" scream. Adam notes that Nathan, who said in his video package he always got what he wanted, will not find that this competition will come easy to him, and he and Mollee need to make their chemistry more about just being cute. He also shouts out Laurie-Ann as a scary bitch he would not want to meet in a dark alley. Yeah... no.

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