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A Vampire, An Alien and Juliet All Walk Into A Bar...

My friend actually exclaimed, "She looks like a dominatrix Statue of Liberty!" and she does, wrapped in pleather with a sideways tinfoil hat. They are dancing to "creator" by Santigold. He's in tattered clothes -- a bit reminiscent of last week's dancing for his life costume, and she is jumping around and trying to kill him or something. I don't even know how to describe this. She seems to do some things to sort of kill him and then put him under her power. She then starts maybe controlling him and he winds up writhing on the floor. I have literally no way to describe it. I like weird -- I loved the crash test dummies -- but this seemed less creative and more straight-up weird. Nigel makes jokes about Brian's weirdness, and then says that since it was weird they to commit to it, and they did. That's... good? He actually makes a crack about how she's got on too many clothes to impregnate him -- oh Nigel.... I hate the costumes too, but if you stopped making so many comments about how much skin each of the girls show then you might not be thought of as such a pervert. He actually says she looks like a dancing condom. In Britain, they must use different, spikier versions then we do here, I'm just saying. Mary thought it didn't play to their strengths and gave them credit for trying but she didn't like it. The crowd boos her, but I can't argue. Then Mia is up, and Cat reminds Mia that she is also known for going "there," if "there" equals "Crazytown." Mia guesses that Brian didn't do this thinking it was going to be the best piece of his career -- but the look on his face says that he's going to cut her for assuming so. She thinks he was aiming to have fun! It's refreshing to have something out there and fun! Wow Mia, instead of being skilled? I think this is as close to a full-on insult from one choreographer to another as we've ever gotten on this show. She then hates the foil and thinks it's cartoonish and continues to say that basically she didn't like it and thinks it's dumb but they went for it. I hope she has Brian watched afterward in case he should come after her with Caitlin's pointy headpiece because the murderous glint in his eye says she's definitely not safe in any dark hallways backstage.

Jeanine and Philip are next. They think that the top 20 has been unreal and enlightening. First they got hip-hop and they were amazing. Then they got the tango, which was not good, and then Broadway, which was "so fun." I still think the show needs to stop trying to recreate super iconic Broadway numbers on this show so that there are fewer comparisons that are nearly impossible to live up to. Philip was embarrassed when his pants split last week, so just in case we didn't notice they show a close up of his pants and his undies and white thighs underneath. He apparently knew that it had happened and was mortified, so I give him major points for going for it since I absolutely couldn't tell. I might have felt less mortified on his behalf if I realized he was just going for it despite the offending hole. This week they get a Taboleon routine. This week the routine involves actual shackles, and it's about how the dancers get paired up on the show and locked into a partnership. Between this and the vampires we're not stretching very hard for interpretations this week. They keep tripping on the chain during rehearsal, and even Napoleon says it might not have been the best idea. We'll see how this goes.

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