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A Vampire, An Alien and Juliet All Walk Into A Bar...

Oh my, Philip then starts the dance by pulling a card out of a hat with their dance on it. We don't have to work for anything this week, do we? They're dancing to "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West. Thankfully they pull the chain up and hold it for part of the dance, lessening my fear of them tripping. Philip is naturally awesome at this and like their last hip-hop routine, Jeanine seems to be keeping up well. There's one moment I fear she got a bit off with the chain and nearly got tangled, but she held it together. At the end of the routine, Philip pulls a key out of his pocket but she glares at him and then pulls him over to judging. I don't think it will go down in history as a super memorable Taboleon routine, but it was really good. Nigel loved it, and compliments Jeanine on once again keeping up with Philip admirably. Mary both their dancing and the choreography, pointing out that things can go terribly wrong with a prop but they made it work, and agrees that Jeanine did awesome in keeping up. Mary then keeps shrieking but by now I can't understand anything else she's saying. Mia then says what a fan she is of Taboleon, but like Mary did earlier she refers to the pair as Nappy Tabs. Look, I know this is their company, but dudes. All of us viewers have deemed them Taboleon, so Nappy Tabs just isn't going to happen for us at this point. Sorry we didn't notice your website earlier, Taboleon! Mia loves Taboleon and thought the concept was there, but she was caught up in the "chainography" and since they couldn't control it, it got sloppy and it took away from the movements. I can see her point -- that might be why it wasn't a great routine for me, but they still danced it really well.

Next up are Melissa and Ade. Melissa's favorite day was the first day of filming, where she pulled out the move I loathe, the "naughty ballerina" finger in the mouth with the coy grin. I thought we were past that! I honestly couldn't stand her after all that at the beginning but she has won me over with her awesome dancing and become one of my favorites, so we'll see if she keeps up her streak. Their first week was contemporary which was awesome, then jazz with Sonya which was awesome and neon, and then the rumba, which was awesome and sparkly. This week, they get Thordal Christensen as choreographer, and they are doing a Pas de Deux from Romeo and Juliet that Melissa should kill, But how will Ade hold up? She's always dreamed of dancing Juliet. Thordal says they should not just play Romeo and Juliet, they should BE the doomed couple. Dude, that's going to be sad for Melissa's husband when she tragically accidentally kills herself for her dance partner. This is the first time someone is en pointe for a SYTYCD performance, so that should be cool.

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