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Cat then invites three more couples on stage: Lacey and Kameron, Sarah and Pasha, and Shauna and Cedric. One of these couples is in the bottom three. Cat reviews Lacey and Kameron's hustle. The jidges and the crowd adore them and the only criticism is that Kameron needs to step it up and not let his amazing partner carry him through. Then Cat opens and envelope and reveals that they are safe. Sarah and Pasha did a west coast swing choreographed by Benji and the jidges are absolutely entranced by it, calling them "magic." Shauna and Cedric did the mambo. While they aren't showered in the praise that Sarah and Pasha received, Cedric actually gets some nice feedback that he really stepped up his dancing this week. They also tell Shauna she's great. Before Cat even opens the envelope, her face says she knows she'll be dancing this week, and she's right. And if Nigel is true to his word that Cedric's solo wouldn't save him again after last time, that means it's going to be a very non-suspenseful final three guys. Cat asks Mary what she thinks and oh lord, it turns out her shirt doesn't have cherries splashed all over it -- they're strawberries. That somehow makes it even worse.

The final two couples up are Jaimie and Hok and Lauren and Neil. Jaimie and Hok's waltz showcased Jaimie's skills, but Hok didn't quite pull it off, and the judges also wanted more actual waltzing. Lauren and Neil got tons of compliments for their Wade Robson routine and Lauren's relief is so great, it's clear she wasn't expecting to hear something nice ever again from the jidges. After a moment, Cat reveals that Jaimie and Hok are in the bottom three. Woo! I called all three couples! [Pats self on back.] Unfortunately, though I guessed correctly, I would have swapped out one of the three for one couple that was safe. Alas!

While the six dancers get ready, we see the kids getting ready to attend the premiere of Hairspray. Lauren is wearing what appears to be actual lingerie for a dress. Kameron can do quite a good Christopher Walken impression. They then all attend the event as well as Cat and the jidges. Afterwards they go to the party and meet various stars who all compliment them on their dancing. Everyone looks like they're having a really good time -- there appear to be no drunken shenanigans as happen on so many other reality show excursions. Back in real time, Adam plugs his next project -- look out for insta-classic Step Up 2! Nigel talks a moment about how great Hairspray is, and I start to doze off at what seems like extra amounts of filler.

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