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Time for the solos. Anya is first up. She's dancing to "Magic Carpet Ride" by Mighty Dub Kaz and wearing a leopard print, tassled spandex bodysuit. Oh yeah, you heard me. She's back to more of her sexy, fun self this week as opposed to last, though I still think she's got a bit more in her. Next up is Danny dancing to "Delirious" by Mario Spinetti. Apparently, he seems to think that his x-factor could be his naked torso, since he's dancing with no shirt. Clearly, he doesn't remember last season when the jidges told Dmitry how tired they were of him relying on showing off his chest to get votes. He does a lot of spinning and writhing and despite my incredible dislike of him, he's very good as expected. Shauna is dancing to "Zombie" by The Cranberries. She uses the stage and shows off a lot of skills, but it seems…disjointed, somehow? You can see what she's got to offer, but it's not quite as stunning as her last solo was. Next is Cedric, dancing to "Circus" by Kelis. He's amazing, what else can you say? In his style, he's absolutely insane. I have literally no idea how a body can move in those ways. However, it's not terribly adaptable to other genres, and I'm certain he's going home this week.

After a break, Jamie does her solo to "Childhood Dreams" by Nelly Furtado. I am kind of out of things to say at this point; she has a very similar routine to Shauna's, and is beautiful. Hok dances to "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz. He's giving Cedric a run for his money with moves I can't even fathom, but I think that combined with his ability to adapt to other dances, he has the clear advantage. Cat then dismisses the jidges to deliberate, even though they don't want to leave and do a bit of cutesy acting about staying put. Adam tries to say something but the producers immediately cut his mike since we all know by now they say nothing until their decision is made. While they talk it over backstage, we get Hilary Duff performing "Stranger" off of her album "Dignity." She and her dancers are all dressed like harem girls. The song isn't my cup of tea, as with most of her music, but I'm not saying a single word against a former child star who has actually grown up with class and...dare I say it? Dignity. This is my opportunity to refresh my glass of wine and settle back in for the results.

First up on the chopping block are the girls. I am going to miss whichever of these three goes, for sure. Nigel says that they are unanimous on both the girls and boys, but that they're upset about having to make the decision. They're not basing it just on this evening but are using the whole season (ahem, Cedric). Nigel tells Jamie she's been wonderful and that Adam also said she was amazing to work with, so she's staying. He tells Anya that they have a problem because her solos aren't really strong. It's the nature of ballroom, but it's also a solo competition so somehow she has to learn how to do it. They know she has the personality and she's grown, so she's staying. Which means Shauna is leaving, and she looks like she knew it. Nigel says she's amazing but she hasn't had as much growth this season as the other two girls and that her personality isn't as strong. But he knows she'll have a great career and I absolutely agree. She seems to have expected it, and handles it really well. She's the only girl not crying at the news, it seems.

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