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She looks sexy in a white skirt and a top that is essentially a gold bikini top with a swatch of white fabric draped across the front. Cedric looks skinny in a white tank, black pants, and suspenders. I'll give him that he's better than I expected, and manages to flip Shauna over correctly. But he also seems to be counting each step as he goes. Shauna, meanwhile, looks great and light years ahead of him in terms of technique, and I can't help but hope she ends up with a new partner next week. He pulls off some good steps near the end, and then spins Shauna around about ten times, which looks great to me. When they get to the jidges, they're actually pleased -- Alex thought Cedric stepped up and did better than he expected, and also that the choreography utilized their different skills well. Mary says that the spinning is extremely difficult and that it's amazing what they pulled off after only five and a half hours of training. She also gives Shauna a ticket on the hot tamale train. Oh, how I wish that hadn't gotten a laugh earlier this season, because now she's like a kid trying to rehash it over and over and it makes me want to stick a hot tamale in my ear. She then proceeds to recount each week Cedric has danced, reminding him just how badly he stank up the room each time. But then today she thought he rose to the occasion and she wants him to stay, and she didn't think he could do it but he proved her wrong. Nigel starts his turn by saying Shauna was fantastic and that Cedric did a good job with the heel/toe moves. Cat, being a very sly host, asks him if he thinks Cedric did well enough to stay. Nigel is brilliantly cagey, saying that also depends on everyone else's performances and they haven't seen everyone yet.

Danny and Anya are up next. Her secret is that she's not just beautiful, she has brains too! Who knew that was possible? Years ago in Russia, she had blonde hair and practiced international law. I couldn't imagine it, but they show a picture, and girlfriend was smokin' as a blonde. Danny's secret is that he's obsessed with sunglasses, and spends more on them than on food. Shut up, Danny. They're doing contemporary this week, and working with Tyce Diorio. He explains very passionately that this dance is about a man and a woman (not a boy and a girl!) and it's too late to apologize and we all know what that's like. He also tells us there's sweat and sexuality. Hmm, just like every other contemporary routine we've seen. How original.

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