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Pasha and Sarah are the new couple this week, and Cat is very excited about that, and also to reveal to us that Sarah has a girly hobby! She loves figure skating. Pasha, on the other hand, is crazy about computers. He says he likes to wire it all and install programs. Unfortunately the film they shot is of him doing what looks like plugging in a keyboard cable -- not exactly a show of computer brilliance. Thank goodness he's got dancing. Sarah was heartbroken that Jesús had to leave; Pasha was glad he and Jessi got to perform their routing on the results show. Nothing groundbreaking here. They pull west coast swing out of the hat and it turns out their choreographer is…none other than Benji Schwimmer! And Heidi is his teaching partner! They all act goofy and silly, as Benji does best, but he seems to be showing them some very cool and complicated moves. Benji says the keys to this routine are Russian sex appeal, gangster attitude, and him as a teacher. Actually for this show, I think he just came up with the winning equation.

They're dancing to "The Rockafeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim. Already I love this pairing -- they have good chemistry and are both keeping up with the quick and elaborate choreography. There's a strange slowdown in the middle where the music and their steps slow down and then work back up to real time, which unfortunately drags it a little bit for me. But the two of them are keeping up with everything, and doing crazy cartwheel moves and all sorts of Benji trademarks really well. I personally only had one problem with it, which is that the whole time I wished I were watching Benji and Heidi do the routine instead, but the friend who was at my apartment loved it unconditionally, so I think that reaction is just unique to those who watched the show last summer with a group of friends, among whom one repeatedly said she'd "go Mormon for Benji." Alex says if that was an audition, they'd have the job, saying that the style was right in Pasha's wheelhouse, marking the first time this generation has ever heard that previously-believed-extinct expression. Mary loved the routine and the partnership -- there's some hilarity about how they'd never had their hands on each other before this week, hee hee, ha ha, double entendres that shock her screechy self to the very core since she meant it only in the purest dancing sense. Nigel points out there were tons of partnering skills and that Sarah nailed them.

Sabra's secret is that she was in High School Musical as a backup dancer and I have to say, given the fever that I've witnessed in young girls about that movie, I'm sure that isn't a secret for everyone. Dominic's secret is that he has a crush on someone on the show. He hams it up for a while until he admits it's Cat, since she's seven feet tall, and has white teeth and a French accent. Wow, I've had my own idea of the French accent very wrong all this time, if that's the case. We have to relive Mary's screaming about their rumba. This week, they get hip-hop, choreographed by Shane Sparks. He says they'll have to show emotion and look natural. Dom had taught Sabra a move already that was this crazy freeze handstand thing I could never do in a million years, so they figure out how to work it in. Shane's got his own equation for success, which is a hot girl, a hot boy, a hot song, and choreography.

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