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Shane's opinion of a hot song is "Make it Work" by Ne-Yo. It's a slower song, but their moves are great -- Dominic is understandably good, but Sabra looks like she's been doing this for a while. She loses an earring but goes on without missing a beat, to what is surely Dominic's favorite part of the routine: he picks her up, and she wraps her legs around his waist as he slowly spins her around. Let it be noted that he uses the moment to cop a feel of her ass. But despite the fact that I know he's reveling in being closer to a girl than he's ever been, the two of them are believably hot. When they get up to Cat, she's taken off her shoes so as not to be seven feet tall, but she still towers over tiny Sabra. Alex loves that hip-hop was able to tell a story and be emotional, like all dance should be. Mary pauses non-dramatically before announcing that she loves them and then screaming with no noise. Corny and awful? Yes. Sweet, sweet relief to my ears? YES. Nigel thought it was terrible. They actually look worried for a moment until he says it's terrible it didn't last longer. Oh Nigel, you're such a hoot! He adds that he loved Dominic holding Sabra and caressing her. Oh, I assure you, so did Dom.

Jamie wanted to be a basketball player. She never was, but she wanted to be. Okay. Hok's secret is that he grew up playing the violin. Seriously, is there anything he doesn't do? He had a hard time with Jesús getting cut, since that was one of his best friends on the show. But Jamie is the soothing voice of sanity, pointing out it's only going to get harder each week to watch people go home. Toni Redpath is teaching them a waltz. The story is that Hok is Jamie's dying lover and they have one last moment together. I'm sorry, but I just have to laugh out loud at most of these, especially when the choreographer is so intense about the narrative. I don't know that I could listen to all of these introductions with a straight face, so I guess it's a good thing I'm not on the show. That, and also that I don't dance. There's some giggling and cute talk about if they have a crush on one another, otherwise known as "filler for a ninety-minute program."

They dance to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. I don't know much about the technique but even still I can see that Jamie moves beautifully. There isn't much actual waltzing that I can see, but Jamie carries the show with her extension and grace. And the routine ends with…his dying. Well, at least it wasn't walking away this time. The jidges don't like it as much as I expected. Adam says her lines and carriage are magnificent and the dancing was totally suited to her, but not to Hok. But then he tells Hok that he supported her well. It's a little confusing, I can't tell if he really liked Hok or not. Mary wanted better actual waltzing, which seems fair, as that was the point in the first place. Nigel compliments the choreographer because it completely suited Jamie's lines and covered it not being a great waltz. I've got to hand it to choreographers; between this and putting Cedric in a corner to fake-cry while Shauna danced, it shows that they really know how to play to dancers' strengths and conceal their flaws. They're both cute and gracious and Hok thanks them for the opportunity to learn this dance.

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