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"The Accessibility of These Routines Makes People Pick Up Telephones"

They dance to "Come to Me" by France Joli. You know, I'm pretty sure the Hustle is supposed to be done to "The Hustle". Their dancing involves spins and kicks and jumps and lifts. And spinning lifts. And jumping kicks. It ends with Karen perched on Kevin's shoulder like a parrot. Adam insists that they made it work and "turned that whole thing around on it". I don't know what he's talking about. I think he liked it. Mary describes it as "a Sadie Hawkins Hustle" because the choreography involved Karen chasing Kevin around. Also, it's a reference to Li'l Abner, which is a comic strip from a million years ago. Mary says they're both still on the train, which makes me wonder who she thinks is keeping track of that. I'm sure not. She doesn't shriek anything, though. Nigel praises Kevin's pirouettes, because he loves talking about hip hop dancers who magically "grow" just by being on this television show.

What the? It appears that Jakob has grown a wispy blond moustache. This can't end well. Before we get to him, Ashleigh claims to be a "nerd", which apparently means "interned for a Senator" now. You know, back in my day, being a nerd required some D&D playing. We didn't let just anybody claim to be a nerd. I guess things have changed. Jakob's thing is that he's really good friends with Jeanine, who won last season. I actually knew that already, so I guess Ashleigh wins. Even though she's clearly not a nerd. Anyway, Mandy Moore will be choreographing a jazz duet for them. And there's a prop involved! They have to deal with a cane. Not one of those silver-topped Fred Astaire jobs, either. A walking stick.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" kicks in, and the very first move of the dance is to throw the cane to the ground. Jakob picks it back up, though, and does a lot of preening and posing with it. I enjoy this routing a lot, although I keep watching to see if they drop the cane. It's fun. Also, I am old so I like the song a lot. Adam starts by heaping praise on Ashleigh and then moves into commenting on a "cane malfunction". Nigel says he didn't notice anything, and Jakob wisely denies having any idea what Adam's talking about. Yes! Deny everything. Adam's feedback for Jakob is that he enjoys seeing the ways the choreographers find to work jumps into the routines. And Adam admires Jakob's flexibility in the arabesques. He also praises Mandy, who takes part in her own ovation. Mary shouts about things too. Nigel says the routine is as good as Mandy's Table Routine. Then he talks a bit about DanceSport and Joel Grey. He also points out that Jakob's outfit reminds him of Patrick McGoohan in "The Prisoner", and I agree with him wholeheartedly. He feels that Jakob and Ashleigh did a good job of changing to suit the characters of the dance.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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