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"The Accessibility of These Routines Makes People Pick Up Telephones"

Noelle has a mildly large family, and one of her brothers has had a stroke. Russell is an artist. I'm going with Russell on this one. They've got yet another new choreographer, Sean Cheesman, and they'll be doing Afro-Jazz. Which neither of them has ever heard of. It's a combination of African technique and jazz technique. Russell is a frog and Noelle is an African princess. Sean explains that Russell isn't just a frog. He's also her spirit guide and he's taking her "a spiritual, fast-paced walkabout". Aren't walkabouts Australian, not African? Oh, and it will be very fast. Sean is confident.

They dance, logically enough, to "Frog Dance" by Mickey Hart & Planet Drum. Russell continues to be awesome. I wonder if the yellow of the backdrop is supposed to be the Simpsons shoutout. I don't know anything about Afro-Jazz, but it was fun to watch. Adam praises Sean and the routine. Also the character and the story. He also gently mocks the idea of "Noelle, African Princess". Mary calls it crazy good and claims that Russell is "The King of Afro-Jazz". Then there's a lot of shrieking about the Hot Tamale Train, and I guess there might have been a "Whoo Hoo!" in there as a Homer Simpson reference. Nigel finally admits that Russell is "the star of this season". Cat is posing kind of oddly as she holds the microphone, She's sucking her cheeks in and arching her back. I don't know why. Nigel briefly mentions the Training Issue with regard to Russell but doesn't make a big deal out of it.

I'd rank the dances, from "Most Enjoyed" to "Least Enjoyed" like this: Ashleigh/Jakob's Jazz Duet, Noelle/Russell's Afro-Jazz, Channing/Victor's Contemporary, Kathryn/Legacy's Broadway, Pauline/Peter's Quickstep, Karen/Kevin's Hustle, Ellenore/Ryan's Hip Hop, Mollee/Nathan's Salsa. Nigel thinks Ryan and Ellenore are in trouble. Mary is worried about Nathan and Mollee, and Adam agrees with both of them. Tune in tomorrow for the live results show, recapped by Joe R.

Monty is spending the week on Monty on Movies reviewing movies that everyone else saw ten years ago. Like Almost Famous (which he liked) and There's Something About Mary (which he didn't). You can email Monty at if that's your idea of a good time.

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