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Cat once again looks amazing in a green dress with…well, I'm ignoring whatever giant bow-contraptions seem to be protruding from the back. She reminds us that one guy and one girl will be eliminated. As one of the girls has heart problems, let's hope she means figuratively.

The group dance is to "The Lioness Hunt" from the musical "The Lion King." I really like it, it's very African (I know, duh) and looks, I feel, kind of like how Pasha and Jessi's bird dance from last week was supposed to look. I'm also biased, though, as I loved this musical. Tyce choreographed that, and he's busted texting on his Blackberry when the camera pans to him. He has the good grace to give an embarrassed smile when he realizes it. Cat tells us that you guys voted 5 million times yesterday.

The first two couples up are Lauren and Neil and Kameron and Lacey, and Cat wishes a happy birthday to Lacey. Neil and Lauren tangoed and weren't as smooth or low as they needed, but Neil dances like a dude and they look great together. Kameron and Lacey danced a quickstep that was the first one I've seen on this show that didn't make me cringe with embarrassment. It was swing/jitterbug and really entertaining, and they're loved by judges and audience (and recapper) alike. One couple is safe, one is not. Safe are Lacey and Kameron -- I really want those two to just start making out already. Mary is surprised that Lauren and Neil are on the block because they have chemistry and keep getting better each week -- apparently we should forget that theirs was one of the routines she critiqued the most last night. But it's Mary, so why am I expecting anything that makes sense?

Oh NO, they should never have shown Cat from the side. The bows on her dress are actually trying to eat her from behind. Don't they test out wardrobe to see how it will look on camera? I would have thought that something that looked like a relative of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man would have been nixed in a dress rehearsal. (What? It's totally timely to use a Ghostbusters joke, right?) Jamie and Hok are first up. She tells us that Wade's world is scary, but we'll like it, and she's right. Then again, I have yet not to like anything Wade does. Everyone found them genius and beautiful, and Nigel promises we'll remember the routine for a very long time. They're safe.

Sabra and Dominic and Sarah and Jesus are now up. Dom and Sabra did the rumba, and they're pretty freaking awesome. As much as I want to roll my eyes at Dominic and his antics, I'm stunned by how he's taken to partnering and ballroom, And Sabra is just gorgeous and all of her movements are beautiful. They have to wait to hear their fate until we recap Sarah and Jesus, who krumped. Even though the judges loved them, they end up in the bottom three. Cat asks Debbie what she thinks, and her opinion is that it's beautiful that America is asking to see them one-on-one. That, my friends, is the most artful turning lemons into lemonade that will be seen tonight. I wish Debbie Allen were my crazy aunt. Both for the sheer delight of her enthusiasm and her comments, and also because then I'd get some kick-ass dance lessons out of it.

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