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Cat reminds us about last night's dramatics for Jessi and Pasha. Jessi looked great in rehearsal, but then got weak and had chest pains and needed to go to the hospital. Tony Meredith's assistant, Bette Midler, filled in for her so that Pasha could still perform, and he looked yummy enough to eat. For those of you who want to get all technical about it, his dancing was absolutely amazing. Also, if your partner is to fall ill the day of your performance, it helps when the performance is in the style of dance that you've been doing your entire life. Debbie and Mary seem to share my "yummy" opinion -- I hope he watched out for himself backstage.

Nigel tells us that Jessi has been cleared to dance tonight by her doctors. Though she's automatically in the bottom three, they're letting her and Pasha dance the routine tonight so that all of her rehearsal doesn't just go to waste. She comes out in a tiny, spangly gold number, and I'm just going to say that I've had a couple of hospital stays, and I wish I looked like Jessi the day I got released. Man alive. The two of them look great together and dance well, and afterward Pasha just seems terribly happy and relieved that his partner is okay. When Cat asks her what happened, Jessi just says she tends to get really dehydrated and that in addition to that, her EKG was "off." She then changes her tack and thanks the crowd for their support -- meanwhile, I keep thinking one's EKG should probably never be "off," and I hope she really takes care of that whenever she does leave the show. She says she watched Pasha on TV the night before and calls him her boyfriend -- quickly clarifying that she means "pretend" boyfriend. But with the looks and the body language, I have a feeling, if he is "pretend," it's only going to be until they can get offstage and away from the others. When she says that he visited her in the hospital and held her hand, a collective female shriek arises from the audience, and Cat declares quite rightly that all of the girls become one "weeping mess." Cat reminds Jessi she'll be dancing for survival, and she promises to be "killing it." America decided that Pasha is safe, to absolutely no one's surprise. The combination of talent, hotness, and the pity vote is an unbeatable one.

They then bring out Shauna and Cedric and Anya and Danny to announce the final couple in the bottom three. Since Jessi is also already there, it seems there's actually going to be a bottom four of girls this week. According to Mia, Shauna and Cedric's dance was celebrating a goodbye. They touched Debbie, but Mary seemed to single-handedly blame Cedric for not getting cut last week, and Nigel thought his time was up too. Anya and Danny did hip-hop. They were nervous, but Debbie called them the Dream Team. Mary thinks the routine could use some work but they're still awesome, and Nigel says the same and clarifies they're being held to a higher standard than other couples since they kick so much ass. After five million votes, the couple that's safe is Shauna and Cedric. I'm not surprised at all. I think when the judges get that harsh and go on and on and on, teenage girls across America are going to rally to show support, and that's what they did. And also? I didn't love Anya and Danny's routine this week, so I'm kind of fine with it. I think they kick ass in general and they're one of my overall favorite couples, and I also think Cedric won't make it the second he hits the bottom three, but this week he wasn't so terrible as to make me want to hang myself now, unlike certain ear-splitting judges. Nigel also rightly credits Cedric's speech (and, I think, unspoken, his tremendously gracious handling of the really personal attack by Mary) to getting them votes. While he's speaking, Danny starts to dissolve into giggles that unfortunately bring to mind the ego that was keeping him warm in Las Vegas, but he manages to control himself as Nigel wraps up. The look on Mary's face could turn someone to stone, and I fear for the PA that's running around backstage once she gets out of view of a television camera, should she need to vent some of that rage she's brewing.

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