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Fergie comes out to perform in some really high-waisted yellow skinny jeans. She's doing a good job lip-synching to "Glamorous," which is of course the song of hers that I like least. Fergie Ferg, against my will I fell prey to the addictive sound of "Fergalicious"; couldn't you have sung that for me? There's not much to say about the performance, it's not as ear-splitting as last week's, and she's got great back-up dancers. Ludacris joins her to do some unremarkable rapping, and they manage to get away with the line "Take your broke ass home," by prompting the audience to sing the last three words. Take that, FCC!

Elimination time. Nigel announces that they were not unanimous about which girl to eliminate, but that they were 2-1. They were unanimous, however, in thinking none of them did good enough dances. Woo! Called it. Too bad my joy came from being right and not from watching awesome dancing on this dance show. He calls Lauren out on taking 15 of her 30 seconds to walk across the stage and another five to get her jacket off, so she must be the number-one vote. He calls Jessi forward, and tells her she's being cut. No explanation, no goodbye, no nothing, just that she's gone. Isn't that a little bit harsh for someone with heart problems? It's definitely confusing for the viewing audience, and clearly for Cat and Jessi as well. We see her montage, starting with her rubbing oil on her stomach, and…well, come on, that was the defining moment, right? Actually, what you can really see is that she had plenty of way better dances than the two times she danced for her life, so I wonder why she didn't pull any of that out tonight. When asked, she says she'll remember Pasha, who looks really pissed off when the camera pans to them. Don't worry, guys, I get the impression you'll console each other quite well later.

They are unanimous on the guys, both on their decision and on the fact that it was one they didn't want to make. Neil was outstanding. Danny was outstanding. And Jesus has been outstanding all season, but because he wasn't as good tonight he's the one who is going home. I hate this so much. I'm not surprised, but I HATE IT. He follows Cedric's example and is totally gracious, saying his dream was to help kids out and he got a call last night that he helped a lot of kids at home, in what is known as "the ghetto." Aw, Jimmy is in the audience! Jesus will miss Hok and one other guy whose name I don't catch because he's getting emotional, and he'll also miss his partner. He begins to cry, and a shot of all the other kids shows that they are one giant mess right now, especially Sara. His montage shows that he's awesome, and it makes me sad that the fact that he didn't showcase it in this 30 seconds and that got him sent home. Jessi and Jesus hold hands really lacklusterly -- clearly, he's not the man with whom she wants to be in physical contact right now. She actually just looks like she's wondering why she bothered coming back tonight.

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