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[soapbox] Judges, this is why you need to be fair and you need to give both praise and critique when it's due, but you need to not get so enraged that you make America pity a contestant. Mary, you're the entire reason your nemesis didn't make the bottom three; you all but told every emotional teenage girl in America to call and vote for them, and if you'd just kept your cool and critiqued what was in front of you, their boring dance would have put them there. And if you do need to take someone down a few notches like you did the night before, do it for something that they have control over, like their dancing, rather than for the simple act of just being there, when it was in fact your colleagues that voted to keep him on the show. [/soapbox]

The show will be back July 11 -- enjoy your 4th of July holiday, everyone!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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