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We Got Hats!

Mary liked it. Debbie was scared when Marko looked like he might not catch her because he was getting his hat back. Nigel calls them both stars. I like both Marko and Melanie a lot, but this particular dance didn't thrill me.

Sasha sweats a lot. Her response: "Sorry that I work hard." Alexander likes to look at himself in the mirror. If I looked like any of these kids, I'd look in the mirror a lot, to. They've got Napoleon and Tabitha, who have a routine about a soldier returning from overseas and seeing his wife for the first time. We're told that it's a "sensitive subject" about a million times.

"Coming Home" by Diddy-Dirty Money & Skylar Grey is incredibly on-the nose here. The lyrics are about "coming home," see and the dance is about someone coming home. Luckily, I like Sasha a lot. Alexander starts with a weird slow-motion start-stop walk, and then when he reaches Sasha, the music kicks into another gear and they basically dance together. They seem happy. He dos a handstand on her back when she's on all fours, which is a neat visual. Good dance. I liked both of Napoleon and Tabitha's dances tonight! I still refuse to call them "NappyTabs."

Debbie starts to cry about how much she loves them. Mary cries too because this story is too close to her life. She hopes everyone gets to come home. Timely! Debbie and Mary are both crying while Nigel brings up Obama's speech about bringing troops back home. Whenever Nigel says something like "It's not even worth talking about the dancing part of it," I roll my eyes. Talk about the dancing part, Nigel. It's what you're here for! Sasha wipes away a tear, too.

Ashley says that Chris has a nervous smile she finds weird. He says that Ashley does not have swag. She insists that she does too. They've got a Broadway routine by Spencer Liff. Ashley will be visiting Chris in jail, so there's a row of bars between them. Ashley says it's the sexiest thing she's ever done. Spencer says they should want to eat each other. As usual, they're careful to tell us that they're uncomfortable rubbing up against each other like that.

Yes! The song is "Please, Mr. Jailer" from the Cry-Baby soundtrack, sung by Rachel Sweet! I love this song! Did you know that Rachel Sweet had one of the original shows on the Comedy Channel? And then she went on to be a producer on shows like Sports Night and Hot in Cleveland. Anyway, Cry-Baby is an awesome movie and you should watch it.

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