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They're dancing to "I'll Stand By You," by the wildly overrated Pretenders. I'll try not to let my bafflement at the adoration for the mediocrity of songs like this and "Brass in Pocket" colour my assessment of their dancing. So anyway, the dancing sucks. But that's just me. Just kidding, it was good. Mia refuses to say what she thinks and instead asks Dominic what he thought. So he babbles on, thinking that maybe they stunk it up again this week. But no, Mia thinks he was beautiful, which is great, because she "lost Ricky" to him last week, like shut up, Mia, and she also says Sabra is like a little "ailey girl," whatever that is. Mia also blathers on about relieved she is that the cocky routine that he had going on isn't really him. Mary loved them too, and so does Nigel, who asks Dominic if it's true he shaved his toes this week. It is true, and the mystery of why Dominic ain't "getting the ladies" is becoming a little clearer. So what if you have hairy hobbit toes? Revel in it!

Faina and Cedric. Faina's thankful that her mother pushed her to keep dancing when she wanted to quit. Cedric also started dancing because of his mom, and it kept him out of trouble. He says you can exert energy by dancing or punching someone. I think there are more choices than that. This week, they're doing the foxtrot. Hunter Johnson's going to be guiding them through the steps, and he's going to throw in some Michael Jackson stuff for Cedric's benefit. Faina had no difficulty with it

"You're the Boss" by Elvis Presley & Ann-Margaret is the music. Faina's in pink, and Cedric's in Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" suit, only all black. Faina's good, him not so much. The routine is crazy boring. "I think you got through it," half-asses Mia, who says it was like watching Ginger Rogers and an "insecure" Michael Jackson. And it wasn't "copasetic" enough, whatever that's supposed to mean. Mary says Cedric's wonderful in what he does, but he wasn't wonderful tonight. Why does she always say that? Aren't all the dancers in the Top 20 there because they're wonderful at their particular dance style? She says he was stiff, and she questions throwing in the hip-hop moves with the foxtrot (while acknowledging that the choreographer put that in here specifically to hide Cedric's discomfort with the routine), and he needs to pick it up. Nigel agrees. He talks again about how worried he is about Cedric's partnering, and that he thinks they'll be in the bottom three again. Cat asks if Cedric has "more to give," as Nigel suggests. "Most definitely," says Cedric. How else would he respond? "Probably not, America. Take it or leave it. I'm not going to try as hard from here on out."

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