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Lacey and Kameron are up next. Hey, did you know she comes from a family of dancers? It's true! Kameron was inspired to start dancing by his four-year-old sister. He was five, watching her in a dance recital, and he wanted to do it. He says as a male dancer, he got made fun of a bit, but his sister pointed out that football players go into the locker room with a bunch of guys, while male dancers get to go into the changing room with a bunch of girls. Yes, ask any high school guy -- success with women depends on your ability to be thought of as just one of the girls.

They're dancing Broadway this week. Tyce Diorio says they're going to be "looking out for sex appeal, flirtatious [sic], and a little danger." The crowd goes nuts as the familiar wah-wah horn from Chicago starts bleating. Kameron gets things going with a great handspring flip. Lacey's dressed like her S&M club is going to the beach. There's some synchronization, but often it looks a little like two simultaneous solo routines. Two well-done routines, for sure -- Kameron's flip is the kind of move that makes me wish I'd taken dance -- but still. Mia says they're the sexiest couple, but she still wanted more pizzazz and spice. The crowd boos her, and she tells them too shut up. But she loves Lacey and Kameron themselves. "It wasn't good enough, but I love you." Mary prattles on about how good they were. Awesomely, when she mentions a "naughty" move that Kameron made during the routine, he tries to recreate it, and Lacey recoils in fear. Nigel says they indeed brought the "pizzazz," and says something about Kameron going over to see Lacey's dad and asking for her hand in marriage. We see Lacey's dad in the audience, with an electronic sign that I understand was a staple last season.

Anya and Danny are up next. Anya grew up in Russia, and ballroom dancing was a "rite of passage," and she loved the beautiful costumes. Dance got Danny out of some unspecified trouble and brought him to the woman who adopted him. They had a great time with the jive last week. They're going to do the Viennese waltz, which according to Hunter Johnson, is a faster version of the slow waltz. Makes sense to me. Hunter wants sexiness, but more ‘50s old-fashioned sexy, not Anya's orgasmic hair-in-her-face sexy. So, naturally, they'll be dancing to "You and Me" by Lifehouse. Nothing says "old-fashioned '50s sexy" like effing LIFEHOUSE. I'd even prefer some more Pretenders. However, they're really good. Mia, in her continuing quest to qualify each couple as the best in some sort of aspect of attractiveness, says Anya is the "lady" of the competition, and Danny is the man. Mary opens her mouth, and my God, I cannot listen. She loved them. And then she screams at the end. Why do the people on this show pretend this is hilarious and enjoyable and non-cringe-inducing? Nigel calls it the routine of the night.

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