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Miranda and Robert (WOO!): Jive (Jason Gilkison)
Okay... is Miranda wearing a bra in her interstitial? A woman is walking around in broad daylight with nothing but a bra on?! She's a menace to society! Meanwhile, Robert says he loves pro wrestling, which is great because it proves my theory from the top of the episode right, but also: please no Hulk Hogan results-show cameos, huh? Completing Robert's carnival of off-putting character quirks, he gives us an Urkel impersonation. Awesome. On stage, Miranda is dressed like Felicity Shagwell, though more uncannily, she looks exactly like Sally Hawkins. Like, this could be an outtake from Made in Dagenham. This is pretty slow, for a jive, but Megan says she likes Miranda's goofy quality; she also has a crush on Robert. What is she, dead? Of course she has a crush on Robert. Nigel actually makes a solid point to Robert, warning him that his personality, which is a great asset, could also come across as annoying. Here's hoping Robert takes that one in. Nigel goes on to say that the dance technique wasn't there. I didn't think it was super terrible or anything, but if I had to be on one pair of dancers going home together tomorrow, it's these two.

Missy and Wadi: Jazz (Sean Cheesman)
Talk about a perfectly matched pair: Missy likes to speak in Jamaican accent; Wadi is of Jamaican descent! This competition is OVER. Cheesman makes me laugh while describing the routine: "Pandora's box has been opened, and what's revealed are the demon clones of yourself." And not just demons, Missy tells us; SEXY demons! So Missy and Wadi emerge from a big ol' cinderblock on stage and creep around to a remix of "Judas," and all things considered, this is blowing Sonya's routine out of the water. Maybe it's Missy and Wadi themselves who are elevating this routine, as their character work is superb. Missy's got this Jessi Peralta thing going on, and her decided lack of bubbliness sets her apart, and Wadi is using his imposing physique to every advantage. Just a lot of fun to watch. Nigel calls it Sean's best work on the show yet, and I am inclined to agree. He also says Missy is "one of the beasts of the girls," because, again, the narrative of girls vs. boys must be preserved. Mary is officially back to being the Mary of old, as she screams about Missy and Wadi "Open[ing] up Pidora's [sic] box and open[ing] up a whoop-ass can of dancin'!" Oh, Mary.

Melanie and Marko: Contemporary (Travis Wall)

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