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Statue of No Limitations
WHOA. Putting these three together on a contemporary routine this early in the competition almost seems unfair. Also, it goes by almost too quickly to notice, but ... Melanie was narcoleptic? I feel like this deserves a soft-focus segment of its own soon. So the concept of the routine is that Marko and Melanie are statues who are in love. They're both painted/dusted to look like white marble, and they begin in a fixed/posed position. One of my favorite things about this routine (and I've watched it three times already, so it's safe to say I really like it) is that Travis didn't over-explain the concept, so the dancers are saying things with their bodies and letting us interpret. The feeling I get here is of statues on holiday, or perhaps on the last day they get to move around, before they'll be petrified forever. There's a sense of finality to the abandon that Marko and Melanie are providing, and it's gorgeous. More than any other choreographer on the show, Travis captures the joy of dancing; the miracle of being able to move through this world. Standing ovation! Mary's in tears (I hear you, girl) and ends up cribbing Cat's speech from after Travis's "Mom" dance last year, about how sometimes all the elements come together and it's magical. Megan is essentially speechless and just quotes Oprah ("Wow, wow, wow!") -- this is a bummer, Megan had started so well! Nigel annoyingly Emmy-baits, which I really wish he would stop doing. He also heaps a whole lot of pressure on Melanie, calling her the "best girl dancer ever."

Ashley and Chris: Hip-Hop (Christopher Scott)
Oh, I like this pairing. They seem very evenly matched. The routine is about a couple, both of whom are cheating on the other. In rehearsals, Chris is momentarily overcome by his personal story about getting cheated on (aw). The chemistry between Ashley and Chris is already there, which puts them well ahead of some of the other teams this year. The music for the routine is "Forget You," because FOX bought stock in that annoyingly sanitized song at some point, and it kicks off with Ashley finding a bra in Chris's back pocket. You know how guys do that. Haters of "happy" hip-hop won't like this -- they're both pretty smiley throughout, and I expect Nigel to ding them for not being "hard" or "stank" or whatever street terms he doesn't properly understand. Instead, he makes a joke about Chris and the bra -- maybe he's not a cheater but a cross-dresser! Har har! Cat, earning every "Should be nominated for Emmy" sentiment she's got coming, quips, "He's got it in the wrong place if he is." Perfection. Mary calls the dance "pure entertainment," and Megan gives props to hair/makeup/costumes people just on general principles, which is a pretty rad thing for her to do.

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