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Statue of No Limitations

Iveta and Nick: Quickstep (Jason Gilkison)
My, my, what a fantastic idea to put these two together, if only because he's so tall. It's also potentially smart to give them the quickstep in the first week. It's got such a reputation for being challenging, but you get the sense Iveta and Nick are uniquely suited for it. They're both going to be challenged so much by the other styles this season; it's good to see them get the chance to start out strong. And they fucking DO! Dancing to "Ballroom Blitz," they are lightning fast around the stage, with a great sense of fun and a fearless presence. GOOD JOB, you two! Damn, that Nick is a tall one. Anyway: Standing O! Megan can't stop telling Nick "You're a tap dancer!" He sure is. Mary goes down the checklist of required elements for the quickstep. I love that Mary has a checklist for ballroom numbers, first of all. Too bad we can't understand a single word she's saying. The point is: Iveta and Nick kicked ass. Best quickstep ever? I'll say it.

RUNDOWN! (in order of my preference):

Melanie & Marko's contemporary
Iveta & Nick's quickstep
Missy & Wadi's jazz
Tadd & Jordan's African jazz
Sasha & Alexander's contemporary
Ashley & Chris's hip-hop
Ryan & Ricky's lyrical hip-hop
Clarice & Jess's Broadway
Caitlyn & Robert's jazz
Miranda & Robert's jive

No terrible performances this week, which makes guessing at eliminations harder, but if pressed, I'd say I'm worried for Miranda, Robert, Jess, and Alexander. And, if the injury is severe enough, Mitchell. Notice how Miranda's the only girl on that list? ...Sorry, Sally Hawkins.

Joe R could totally stand like a statue. Where's HIS dance contract?? Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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