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The One Where Uncle Nigel Outsmarts His Stupid Self

Now the boys: Nigel gives Wadi the "we haven't seen what you can do" critique that he gave Ryan, which has to give him some hope, considering. I have to say, though, I'm not feeling this "Poor you, you pulled the cha-cha." Dancers have been tasked with the cha-cha for seven seasons now, and we've never given them a pass for it. It's a style; one of the many styles this show asks its dancers to take on. No free passes. As for Nick, Nigel notes that the two tap dancers on the panel could work out in his favor. Nigel REALLY liked Ricky's solo, which is why they're keeping him.


Nope. I'm not ready to be done with Nick Young yet. Or any of these people! When Nigel made his little power play last week, how could I have known it'd mean the elimination of two of my three favorite pairs from last week?? They couldn't have at least combined last week's vote totals with this week's? Iveta and Nick's ridiculous quickstep has to count for NOTHING?

No, this one's gonna stew for a while yet. See you all on Wednesday, when I may or may not be over it.

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