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"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" by Busta Rhymes is the soundtrack for the opening group dance, which features the women in black-and-white '60s dresses with striped black-and-white leggings. The men are in all black. The theme here seems to be Dance Like Zombies, albeit zombie break dancers and zombie go-go girls. It's rather cool. Even I already knew that this had to be Wade Robson's work.

Cat then comes out in some magenta satiny thing. She looks amazing, or maybe any woman is automatically sexier when she's following zombie go-go girls.

She starts bringing out the dancers to recap. Jaimie and Hok, who danced the hip-hop -- safe. Anya and Danny, who danced the jive -- safe. Sabra and Dominic, who danced some disco -- they're in the bottom three. Upon hearing this news, Sabra smiles like they've won something. Dan Karaty says he's not surprised, saying they were only okay. You have to bring your A-game, go past the max, blast the envelope, and all that stuff.

After the break, the next four couples are brought out. Lacey and Kameron, who danced the melodramatic lyrical thing -- safe. Shut the front door! Ashlee and Ricky danced a tango. Over some backstage footage that we didn't see last night, Cat voiceovers that it "certainly looked passionate backstage" as Ricky and Ashlee prepared to dance. Not to me, it doesn't. It looked more like Ricky was hitting on his older sister's best friend. The lack of passion seems to have cost them, as they're in the bottom three as well. The two of them nod, all, "Yeah, we thought so." Nigel says he's not surprised, but saddened, as the two of them are both brilliant dancers, and America didn't really get to see that last night. He brings up the height differential again, noting that they've since rectified that; indeed, either Ricky is taller, thanks to I suppose lifts, or Ashlee is shorter, maybe by having sections of her femurs removed.

Sara and Chuy danced the hobo cabaret. They're safe. Well, yeah. They've already identified two of the three at-risk couples, and I expect they're going to try to build suspense for the final reveal. They still have to recap everybody. Similarly, Pasha and Jessi, who danced the smooth waltz to some smooth jazz -- they're safe.

After the break, we reminisce about Lauren and Neil dancing a sexy salsa that wasn't sexy enough for the judges. It was sexy enough for the voters, though; they're safe. So we're left with Faina and Cedric, who danced a hip-hop routine. Faina was told she made a good effort but was clearly uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Shauna and Jimmy danced a Broadway routine as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. The judges all loved it, except for Nigel bitching that Shauna's Dorothy wasn't sexy enough. No surprise: Faina and Cedric are the third couple in the bottom three. Mary, who is dressed like Mrs. Colonel Sanders, says America got it wrong this time. Then she laughs. She's like Dr. Hibbert with the inappropriate laughter.

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