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And now we have a special guest: Benji Schwimmer, the reigning champ. He was available? I love this, American Idol does this too: act like it's really fortunate they were able to get former winners on the show, and nobody ever says "contractual obligation." He's got on a sparkly blue- and black-striped tie and is wearing red gloves. Benji talks about how winning changed his life, because he's been around the world a bunch of times, and then Christina Aguilera raped him when he did a video with her, or something.

Cat "asks" if he'll do another performance, and Benji says sure. I trust a selection from The Talented Mr. Ripley will suffice? I don't even know what to call this, but I can't say I found it very interesting. He spins around a lot, and claps his hands, and runs all over the place, and then yanks down his pants to reveal stars and stripes underwear. Working on a Toby Keith video, are we? Can last year's win be retroactively removed?

Sabra dances her lyrical routine to "Shine" by David Gray. Man, this is frenetic! I guess they have very little time for these last-gasp solo routines. Dominic wins points from me by coming out to some Earth, Wind & Fire and getting in a flip right off the top before rolling into some spinny break dancing and yanks his shirt off, and then hams it up covering up his nipples. Ashlee comes out to some Barbra Streisand, which manages to negate the Earth, Wind & Fire, and then some. Cat asks how hard it is to dance to stay alive like this. Ashlee burbles that America hasn't seen what she can do! Well, that's not really America's fault.

Ricky dances to Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity," and normally I don't like lyrical (I say "normally" like I've been watching this longer than a couple of weeks), but I think this is really good. (Although later I'll find Nigel disagrees with me.)

After the break, Faina comes out to dance to some Christina Aguilera. I have no words. I know that if I can barely keep my jaw off the floor, Nigel will murder the other judges before he lets Faina go this week. Cedric dances a fantastic routine to a piece by…Wade Robson? Really? Is there anything that guy can't do? Cat asks him how it feels to know that he might be going home tonight. Cedric admits to being nervous.

Now it's over to the judges. Cat asks them to go backstage to decide who's leaving. And while they do that, it's time for a "special guest" to perform one of the year's biggest hits. It's...Lloyd. Yay? If you're going to go by one name, shouldn't it be a cooler name than Lloyd? And if you're going to have one of the so-called biggest hits of the year, shouldn't it not suck? Shut it, Shawty. My GOD, this goes on forever. Cat drools all over him, asks him if he knows how many people auditioned to that song. Oh, and in an amazing coincidence, one of the dancers performed to that song just last night! Get out of town!

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