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After the break, the dancers face the judges. Nigel calls Sabra forward to tell her that was the best she's danced so far, and she's staying. Faina steps forward, and Nigel says he wants to see her dance like she did in her solo with a partner. And she's staying. So Ashlee's going, and Nigel tells her it was unfortunate that she was given a tango first off, but when she was dancing for her life, she relied too much on emotion, instead of showing off her entire dance vocabulary. So let's do the montage of Ashlee memories: "Had a bad day…" Ooops. Excuse me, sorry about that. "I'm going home, to the place where I belong…" Damn. Let me try that again: "When we're not together, I will remember you." There we go. That's the forgettable non-song for the farewell montage. Yes, we'll always remember tenth place. Aw, I kid. Ashlee seems nice enough.

Guys' turn. Clearly a tough decision. Nigel says so, and calls Ricky forward. Nigel says Ricky's got lots of potential but he didn't really show his best tonight, and tells Ricky to step back. Cedric steps forward next. Nigel says he's unique, and talks about how he was worried Cedric would let his partner down. That didn't happen last night, and his solo routine tonight was good as well. Cedric steps back. Dominic's next, and Nigel tells him he's a great B-boy, but the worry is that they'll see the same tricks over and over again from him. Nevertheless, he brings something else, as demonstrated tonight, and that's personality. And like Jules says, personality goes a long way. Dominic's safe, and Ricky's going home. Nigel apologizes because Ricky's a fabulous dancer, but didn't do his best tonight. Let that be a lesson to you other dancers.

All the dancers, backstage, furiously taking notes: "Must do my best."

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