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We are re-introduced to the top twenty dancers, who come out and shake their stuff for us. Then Cat Deeley comes out to tower over all of them as they wiggle their way backstage, and Cat chirps at us for a while.

Hip-hop and pop choreographer Dan Karaty is judging tonight, along with ballroom expert Mary Murphy and executive producer and skeevy pervert Nigel Lythgoe. The dancers have been paired into ten couples, who have picked their dance styles randomly. After viewers vote, the three couples with the fewest amount of votes will go before the judges, to dance solo routines, and one guy and one girl are going home.

We reminisce about the journey thus far with a montage of the dancers' journey throughout the auditions. It's a little bit bullshit, in the sense that we're seeing a lot of clips for the first time. You can't fool us into thinking you've been touting people like Neil Haskell and Shauna Noland all along, guys.

Jaimie Goodwin, 18, from Virginia Beach, Va., and Hokuto "Hok" Konishi, 22, born in Tokyo, raised in England, are up first. Remember how much mileage Olivia got from her mom's lump? Well, Jaimie's mom actually died two years ago, and her dad has done his best to pick up the stage-mother slack. She's contemporary, and nervous about doing ballroom and hip-hop (and they're doing a hip-hop routine with Shane Sparks this week). Hok, meanwhile, has finally cracked the top twenty after not making it the first couple years he tried. He's excited to do a hip-hop routine, and hopes to bring some of his own flavour, by which he means "flava."

Shane Sparks is very complimentary about what Hok can do. Jaimie seems to struggle. Shane acknowledges that hip-hop's not her thing, but she's very aggressive, and predicts that their routine will blow some minds.

They're dancing to "Tambourine" by Eve. They start out by taking some slow-motion steps towards each other before busting out the high-energy stepping. Jaimie's clearly not as accomplished as Hok, but who is? Jaimie's got the booty-shaking and breast-grabbing down. She could easily be the token white Fly Girl from In Living Colour. Hok amazes me with how natural he seems to be. Effortless. I can't imagine how many people will be taking dance classes after watching Hok, who finishes the routine doing a one-handed handstand, and then trotting after Jaimie like he's a dog.

All the judges praise Hok because he's brilliant, and acknowledge that while hip-hop clearly isn't Jaimie's forte, she really committed to it and held her own. Nigel says Hok's a more exciting dancer than some of the choreography let him be, prompting mock outrage from Shane, but suspects that was so Jaimie could keep up with him (which she did).

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