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Lacey actually looks into the camera after Dan praises her, and he calls Kameron a bit of prop (but he did his job). Mary babbles a whole lot of nonsense. "Sparks an emotion," that kind of thing. Nigel says the same stuff. The judges agree a lot more on this show than they do on American Idol, don't they? Nigel says he wanted to see more of the story, that this was kind of like seeing The Sopranos and missing out on the ending. Wow, contemporary observational humour. Nice try, Nigel. I will say that I would have loved this exact same dance if they'd done it to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing."

Sabra Johnson, 19, was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in Germany and Utah. She's a contemporary dancer, and has only been dancing for four years. Dominic Sandoval, 21, from Sacramento, is a break dancer. Mia didn't like his cockiness. Doriana Sanchez is the disco choreographer, and she explains that disco was a really fun dance from the '70s. My god, how young is the audience for this show? "Mommy, what's disco?" Oh my god, Sabra and Dominic seem to be having trouble. I bet they're going to suck.

"No More Tears" by Donna Summer and Westlife plays. Yeah, there's some classic disco music. Maybe disco died out because nobody could dance like this, and instead just wound up spelling out Y-M-C-A with their arms. They seem pretty good to me. I really don't have anything between "I really enjoyed this" and "this really bored me." Some dancers are fun to watch, some are boring. These guys were fun, I thought. At one point, Dominic lifts Sabra up and holds her, spinning in the air. And he also does some hip-hoppy kind of moves, which manages to, I don't know, contemporize the disco dancing somewhat.

Dan praises the authentic '70s outfits, but the dance was just "okay." The audience gasps like Dan said he likes to eat babies. Mary burbles about how good Sabra is and calls her Little Miss Sunshine, yet fails to notice that without his headband, Dominic looks exactly like John Leguizamo. And as I typed that last sentence, Nigel points out just that. It worries me that we would think alike like that, but, you guys, Dominic really does. He also praises the lift, saying it took Patrick Swayze and "Baby" a long time to get that right. This has to be the first time a judge has mentioned both Dirty Dancing and Summer of Sam in his comments.

Ashlee Langas, 19, from Tyler, Texas, is a contemporary modern dancer. Mia told her at one point, "If there is a heaven, this is how they dance there." Ricky Palomino, 25, of Phoenix tries to tell us that he takes a scientific and mathematical approach to dance. Like describing a parabola on a graph. It's to his credit that he sounds more earnest than pretentious.

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