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They're going to do a Shane Sparks hip-hop routine. You're never going to believe this, but Faina struggles to pick it up, and Shane "mock" yells at her. Even Cedric is having trouble getting it. Unlike with Jaimie, though, we don't hear Shane talk about how she's going to blow people away, so that's not a good sign

"Get It Shawty" by Lloyd is the music. Was this a hit? I'm so old. Faina skips into the routine onto the stage, where Cedric is lying under a sheet for some reason. She pulls it off him and they start the routine, which to me didn't seem all that memorable. But I thought she was pretty good. Turns out I was the only one. Even Cat is less enthusiastic than normal when she comes on the stage to throw to the judges, and offers merely a clipped, "Well done."

Dan says it's important to feed off each other, and he felt they danced like two soloists on stage together. The audience sheep boo him. He adds that Faina was clearly uncomfortable, and Cedric was "ridiculous" (but that's a good thing). Mary thought she did well for a ballroom dancer, and Cedric is awesome! Nigel says he doesn't think the jelled, and for Faina it was dance-by-numbers for the most part.

Hip-hopper Lauren Gottlieb, 18, from Scottsdale, Ariz., is paired with professional dancer Neil Haskell, 19, from Buffalo. Lauren's stood out all along, but this is really the first time we've seen Neil. They'll be dancing salsa, choreographed by Alex da Silva. Right off the bat, they're awesome in practice, and they'll definitely kick ass! Ha ha, of course not. Look, if people got this stuff easily, the dancing wouldn't be any big deal, would it? Lauren says Alex thinks they're a "hot mess."

They dance to Mazerati 5's "Friday Night Rhythm." Their salsa involves some back-over-backflips, and some cool interlocking arm things. But I'm having trouble figuring out if they're any good. They seem to be enjoying themselves, which is usually a good sign. Dan says they danced well, but Neil didn't seem into Lauren enough, considering how hot she is. This is basically what he says. "It was all up in here, and it needed to be all down in here," says Mary. It makes more sense when you see her gyrate. It needed to be more sensual. Nigel agrees with that. I can't say they're wrong. Neil did kind of dance like he's in that teen group from The Simpsons, Hooray For Everything.

Shauna Noland, 18, from Santa Cruz, is a contemporary dancer. We haven't really seen her before now, and we don't really get much more info here. She started dancing when she was three. Her mother was a ballerina. Did your mother have a lump and/or cancer? Are you a diva? No to all three? Well, that's why you haven't had any screen time before now. Jimmy Arguello, 20, from Florida, is also new to us. He's a contemporary lyrical teacher who runs a dance troupe for kids. Awwww. He almost made the top twenty last year.

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