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They're going to do a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. Since, by our final routine, I couldn't be more bored with the same old rehearsal story, I was easily distracted by Jimmy's T-shirt, which says, "Idaho? No, Udaho!"

"Ease On Down the Road" from The Wiz? Are you kidding me? Looks like Shauna is Dorothy and Jimmy is the scarecrow. He's clearly fantastic, and she seems to hold her own, and they're both having a great time.

Dan says Jimmy outperformed her (not that she wasn't good) and it was really fun to watch. Mary says the same thing, adding that they're wonderful together. Nigel says it a good partnership, but then pans Shauna's outfit, saying it made her look frumpy and dumpy. He didn't enjoy her performance, which confused him, as he knows she's a good dancer. So: show more boob if you want Nigel to see what a good dancer you are, right? A little less Dorothy, a little more Whore-othy. Can he get through one show without creeping everyone out?

After a recap of the dancers' routines and their phone numbers, Cat asks the judges who's in the most danger of going home. Nigel and Mary completely puss out of answering. Nigel says Benji Schwimmer's in trouble, because these kids are going to wipe the floor with him. Mary screams about Anya and Danny, and Cat says, "There's the scream we know and love." Except for the "love" part, of course. Thankfully, Dan has a pair, and says he didn't think Ricky and Ashley stepped it up like the others did. My vote for who should go home? Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

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