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Cyrus and Twitch: Animation (Christopher Scott)
Twitch and Glitch, this should be good. The idea is that they're genetically altered robots or something. They're having so much fun in rehearsal, it's pretty adorable. Due to Cyrus's expert level at this style, I'm almost watching Twitch more to see how he's doing with this style. I'm so proud of Twitch, you guys! (Also, hi, Twitch managed to get good at the other styles during his season, so you know why I am expecting more of Cyrus.) The two men have insane control over their bodies and they earn a standing O. Their support for each other is awesome.

The crowd won't calm down. This one routine is why Cyrus will win, despite this late-term change of heart where Chehon is suddenly Nigel's favorite. Nigel "apologizes" to Cyrus because he's not going to vote for Cyrus tonight, but he's so proud of Cyrus, but he knows how hard a dancer (like Chehon) has to work to get where he is as a dancer. Cyrus takes it well; Nigel's been such a weird open book this season.

So that's the performance finale! See you next Tuesday for Eliana and Cyrus's coronation!

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