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Here's something to consider. This is the twenty-third episode of this season, which started a little over three months ago. In that time, the show has taken a huge mass of auditioners, whittled them down to twenty, and then whittled them down to six. And now we've just got tonight's show before the final vote. That final vote (here's my point) is only going to be the sixth time there's been an audience vote in the entire series. Does that really seem like America is Choosing? Six votes total? And the first couple didn't even really count, since the judges still made the call on who got eliminated. Between the World Series taking away the first couple of votes, the season ending abruptly, and the show's built-in drive to ax dancers two at a time, the public has been largely shut out of the entire process this time out.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring that up. And now we've got just one hour for the six remaining dancers to try to impress everyone one last time. Although I guess Ashleigh has demonstrated that you don't really need to dance every single night. Just do it often enough to be sympathetic. And we're somehow going to shoehorn in all the possible male-female pairings tonight. There's no time for same-sex pairings. Or for video packages about each Dancer's Journey, which is just fine with me.

Okay! Enough complaining! We open with dancers backstage telling us how important the night is. And walking in single file. It's all very dramatic. Then Cat shows up and welcomes us to the show. Adam, Mary, and Nigel are all here, and they waste some time giggling about some sunglasses Nigel is wearing. Cat cuts them off because it's time for some dancing.

No rehearsal footage. Boo. I like the rehearsal footage because that's how I find out what the "story" of each dance is. Kathryn and Ryan will be doing a Jason Gilkison Samba to "Magalenha" by Sergio Mendes. Ryan is shirtless, because this is no time to leave anything on the shelf. Kathryn's outfit looks like it kind of needs a skirt made out of bananas. There's a lot of writhing and flexing. Mostly by Ryan. It ends with him tossing her over his head and catching her piggy-back style on his back. Fancy! Nigel praises Kathryn's growth. Mary seems impressed by Ryan's muscular development. Adam thinks the show should be called "The Rise of Kathryn" and liked "that assisted rotating turn in the arabesque attitude". I like it when they use dance lingo. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that "rotating turn" is a little redundant.

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