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Nigel brings up Ashleigh's injury and Ryan's vote-begging, but insists that they've earned their spot in the finale. He also thinks Ashleigh's got better chemistry with Jakob than with Ryan, but I think that's just because Jakob's a better dancer. Mary wants to dwell on how nice it is that the married couple got this moment. Adam asks Ashleigh if it was nice, and she's trying not to cry as she says it was perfect. Ryan is looking away from the camera as, I assume, tears flow down his face. So there you go. Ashleigh and Ryan got their moment.

Incidentally, if you want to see Megan Mullally sing about margarine, come back tomorrow.

We close out the night with a hip hop routine courtesy of Tabitha and Napoleon. If you've been keeping careful track, you will know that the final dancers are Russell and Kathryn, and they will be dancing to "I Can Transform Ya" by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz. Russell is dancing very precisely while it seems to me that Kathryn is giving a little extra push to her moves. They've both got to be running on adrenaline at this point. Russell is using the Krump Face, which is fun. It ends with, um, Kathryn ripping out Russell's heart? I didn't really dig the dance, but I like both the dancers.

Nigel loved it, which means that he loved the whole night. He also found Kathryn to be surprisingly gangsta. And he would like to remind us that he loves her. Mary gives us a couple final shrieks. Adam loves how everyone had to dance three completely different styles in one night. Cat is getting winded from having to give out so many phone numbers.

And that's it! Tomorrow, the season finally ends. Whee!

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