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Mary thought the two of them were lovely together but is still subdued, either from the last dance or because Witney is going home tonight -- or because of a little bit of each of those things, we shall see. Christina's only complaint is about Witney's "hairography," which is a word she made up on the spot [or stole from Glee] but which I'd like to start working into my daily vocabulary. "READ MY HAIROGRAPHY," I could be saying when dealing with someone annoying and then I'd whip it around as I turned on my heel. Other than the hairography, Christina thought Witney's moves were beautiful. Nigel reminds Witney that the judges have already saved her multiple times but it's because everyone thinks she is a star.

Cyrus is doing a dubstep routine with Comfort, also choreographed by Christopher Scott. From their rehearsal package, I learn that it's a form of hip-hop that has to be super clean and precise. They dance to "Cinema (Skrillex Remix)" by Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go. It starts as if Cyrus is watching Comfort in a movie but then he gets up and joins her. Tight body control is Cyrus' game. He's a master at his own style, and he outdances Comfort, as great as she is. He gets another standing ovation; the crowd is getting a good quad workout this week with all the standing and sitting. The two of them are completely giddy after the routine, thrilled with their performance.

Christina admits that she knows as much about this style as I do, which is to say... nothing. She can't even string cohesive sentences together but the gist is that she loves it. Nigel loved it and then slightly awkwardly works in that Cyrus has never even been in bottom two because America loves him so much, as if responding to criticism from viewers. Mary echoes all that - and we learn that apparently much of the Twitterverse is shocked and troubled by his still being in the competition. I get that as I've had the same reaction to other dancers before but what I adore about Cyrus is how game he's been for everything and how he's just excitedly sucked up every bit of knowledge he can possibly absorb and has given his all in every single style. And then he dances hip hop like this which is incredible. Christina loved the routine and the awesome way the two danced together.

Now it's time for the kids to dance with each other. Witney and Chehon are doing a cha-cha by Jean-Marc Genereaux and he tells us that chemistry is everything, so it will be interesting to see if Chehon can do it. They dance to "Where Have You Been" by Rihanna and while Witney is a total star in her genre, There's one awkward lift that Chehon doesn't quite pull off and his hips just aren't always up to the challenge. He's a good enough dancer that he doesn't look a complete mess, but it's not very good.

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