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Jose draws hip-hop, because I guess this is the season of everybody getting to dance their own style. He's paired with Comfort, obvs, on a routine by Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson. It's all about Jose trying to pick up Comfort at a club, but there's a cool retro vibe to the costumes and the song ("Try a Little Tenderness"). Much like the Tyce routine, there doesn't seem to be much to this, but I have to say that's about as cute and flirty as I've ever seen Comfort. Nigel -- after making some kind of reference to The Color Purple that's so weird even Comfort has to be like "check yourself" -- picks apart Jose's loosey-goosey (some might say lazy?) performance. He's just not getting much better. Toni sticks up for Jose, because she hasn't gotten to do that yet this season. Mia gets back to the point: there was no swag to Jose's performance. Adam's still trying to hand out pointers, this time saying Jose should have tapped into the "intention" of the piece, which is kind of a Mia way of saying "get into character, friend."

Lauren draws Broadway and is paired with Allison. Which is adorable and all, but we already have so few opportunities to see the male all-stars this season (whither Ade??), I'm kind of crestfallen at this pick. Or as crestfallen as one can be when they're about to watch Allison dance. Yet another Damn Yankees routine, as the girls get pinstripes on their vest-and-hot-pants ensembles. I feel like a broken record on this issue, but: it's Tyce. It's boring. Are both dancers standing side-by-side and pretty much ignoring each other? Yes. It's just so dull. Adam has no complaints, and neither does Mia, who once again calls Lauren her favorite girl, har har. "Is it the most memorable piece in the season? No." THANK YOU, MIA! Toni loved the sexiness and she compliments Lauren's facial control. Nigel then proceeds to lose his damn mind, saying of the girl-girl pair that it's "the first time we've ever seen it on American Idol this season." Doesn't even notice the Freudian slip until Cat calls him on it. Nigel has the grace to acknowledge that the other show has been on his mind lately. Then he predicts that Lauren will be in the finale, which is a stupid thing to "predict" when you're the one deciding who sticks around from week to week.

Billy gets contemporary and is partnered with Ade (THERE he is!) for a Stacey Tookey creation. The theme is, essentially, Rich Man, Poor Man (Ade's the former, Billy the latter). The music is "Mad World," though thankfully not the Adam Lambert version. Though, honestly, after following the James Franco arc on General Hospital, I'm not sure I'm ready for this song in any iteration yet. I know I give Tookey a hard time, but I have to hand it to her on this: the choreo is interesting and inventive. Billy and Ade start off basically in two separate worlds in terms of their respective movements, until they come face to face, which is followed by alternating synchronous movement and dance-fight struggling. Ade tries to lift Billy up, Billy thrashes against him, and the piece ends with Ade backing up and turning his back on Billy. The concept is only heightened by Ade and Billy, who share a quality of movement that feels 100% spontaneous and unrehearsed at all times. Billy even danced the first third with a knit cap over his eyes. Skills!

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