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Cat totally puts Ade on blast for saying, "Work, Billy!" at the end of the routine, which is officially my favorite moment of the night. The judges (except for Nigel) are on their feet, and with good reason. That was damned excellent. Nigel says this routine justifies keeping Billy around last week, which: whatevs. I like Billy, so I can't well complain about last week, bullshitty as it may have been. It's a total love-fest from the judges for the routine. Toni, who feels like she's catching up on critiques the other judges have given, this time reminding us that some dances transcend steps. Mia says it's her favorite Billy performance, and I must agree. I've been driving myself crazy trying to sort out who I want to win among Robert, Lauren, Kent, and Billy. My hesitation with Billy was that he didn't have one amazing routine to hang his hat on. No longer.

Kent and Jose pull Broadway with Spencer Liff, and guess what? More dance-fighting! I'll tell you what, Jose and Kent can fight all they want, I'ma be talking to Spencer Liff over in the corner. Hel-lo! They're basically playing two cat-calling blue-collar types fighting for the attention of a girl. Unlike Tyce, this isn't just a random collection of movement, there's thought and purpose behind everything here. Even if it's a bit slower, there's more personality and charm in this one. Kent shows up Jose at every turn, but overall, it's a lot of fun. Mia says you could see the talent disparity between Kent and Jose, but Jose did manage to keep up. Toni also says the choreo gave Jose an excuse to be less dynamic. Nigel basically says Jose's reached the end of his run, though he says so in the midst of what's essentially a rave. Weird comment. I mean, Jose SHOULD go home, but maybe save that for tomorrow?

Lauren and Adechike pull a foxtrot with Jean-Marc and Frahhhhhnce. This foxtrot is supposed to be sultry and sexy, which I think these two can pull off. The song ("Fever") feels slow-ish, but Ade keeps his posture like a champ, and Lauren slinks and flips all over the place. Nigel felt it was too jazzy, which feels more like a criticism of the concept/choreo. Toni, the ballroom expert, gets into some nitpicky stuff, as she should. Mia compliments Adechike as a partner, but says he lost something when he broke off. Personally, I really value good partnership. Basically, everyone loved Lauren and thought Adechike was merely good.

Last routine: Robert and Billy pull Bollywood. As ever, I have no capacity to be critical about Bollywood. My favorite Bollywood this show ever did was Season 5's Top 5 girls, but I couldn't tell you why. The big concept is two actors fighting for the same role, and we get a cute(ish) fake trailer in the training portion. The routine looks fun, if a bit earthbound, but I think there's more than a little truth in Billy and Robert playing can-you-top-this. Nigel enthuses, Toni compares Robert to a "big, cheesy hamburger" (weirdly, YES!), Mia rejoices that such a hard routine resulted in no injuries (though Billy is definitely working his knee out at the moment), and Adam refuses to choose between them. (Also, Nigel intimates that it was Mia and Adam who refused to send anyone home last week, not him. Dubious.)

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