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SOLOS! Jose's solo is pretty typical b-boy stuff. Reminiscent of Legacy, and you may remember that I didn't love Legacy's b-boying. Lauren, per usual, packs a ton of movement into a short interval. Billy's is more grounded than usual, understandable with the knee and all. He only does one leap and instead goes for a robotic concept that is interesting if somewhat dull movement-wise. Kent manages to overcome my historical aversion to Elliott Yamin, and in jeans no less! Robert is the most beautiful thing on the planet. And Adechike, also in jeans, does the splits, which Mary Cherry would like to remind you, is not Christian.

RUNDOWN! In order of preference:

Robert and Kathryn's contemporary
Billy and Ade's contemporary
Billy and Robert's Bollywood
Kent and Jose's Broadway
Adechike and Lauren's foxtrot
Kent and Anya's cha-cha
Adechike and Courtney's jazz
Lauren and Allison's Broadway
Jose and Comfort's hip-hop

But wait! Cat then tells us that, after all this jinx-baiting talk about no injuries, Lauren's with the medic and not here to dance it out. DAMN IT, what is going on this season. Maybe this is just the medical staff being extra zealous given the circumstances, but regardless: Pull through, Lauren!

Joe R is really freaked about all these injuries. If he finds Tom Bergeron with a trunk full of voodoo dolls, I would not be surprised. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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