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You Can't Ring My Bell

Again, it's a swan song, but what a brilliant one! And if he knows he's going home, which he must, he busts out a giant smile to the crowd after his final performance. Lauren's solo is, as usual perfection. Where does she even come up with the energy for these controlled bursts of movement? Girl will just explode herself into a flip or a split without any indication that it's coming. She's amazing.

The judges exit to deliberate, and while they do, Filler Segment #3 is a performance by the wonderful Allison Iraheta. She's accompanied by Orianthi on guitar (whatevs) and a pair of dancers who don't appear to belong to SYTYCD. Love ya, Allison, but the finish line is in sight. [What happened to getting to know the All-Stars? Did they give up on that? -- Angel]

After the final commercial break, the judges render their verdicts. Nigel announces that this is the last week that the judges will decide the ouster -- America will decide next week's outcome, as well as the finale. As for tonight, all four judges were unanimous. Nigel gives Jose some kind words, and then when he calls Billy over, he acknowledges the elephant in the room (i.e. America don't care for the Bell), but he chalks it up to his "androgynous dance style," which seems to be reading something into the voting public that may or may not be there. Billy's "androgynous dance style" isn't so far removed from a Travis Wall or a Jakob Karr or even a Mark Kanemura, and the audience sure warmed up to them quite well.

I can't say why the voters didn't dig Billy this season, but to put the blame on androgyny seems like Nigel trying to lay his own trip on Billy. Typical, but depressing. To his credit, I should mention, Nigel does say that Billy's style has won him many fans among choreographers and dance directors. You know, faggy types. Then Nigel gets to Lauren ... who will be staying. Obviously. And well deserved!

Cat leads us down Billy and Jose's memory lanes, including that moment last season when Billy made Adam cry. That was the best, man. And now we're down to the Top 4! Vote, Robert fans, vote!

Joe R won't be speaking to America for the next few says. She knows why. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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