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Lauren is dancing solo to "Sorry" by Maria Mena. You'd think this somber ballad about a woman apologizing wouldn't be hilarious, but Lauren grins through her whole routine, which isn't anything special. Twenty shows in, and most of these solo routines are the exact same things we saw from people in their auditions.

Hunter Johnson is choreographing Pasha and Lacey in the smooth waltz, which he calls the "Rolls-Royce" of dances. Lacey admits she doesn't know the difference between a smooth waltz and a regular waltz, and nobody bothers to explain. No chopped peanuts? She calls it the hardest thing she's ever done.

"A Daisy in December" by Mick McAuley and Winifred Horan. Pasha leans forward with Lauren on his back, and then they move into a very fluid routine. I don't find waltzes particularly exciting to watch, and this one isn't much of an exception, but there are a couple of moments when Pasha twirls Lacey around -- once across his back -- that elevate the waltz. I've said before that waltzes are usually the dance style on this show that I would feel most confident I could do myself. I don't feel that way so much after watching this routine.

Nigel calls everything -- the rise and fall, the flow, the lines -- was beautiful. The one weakness he noticed was Lacey's hand lying dead at the end of her arm, instead of flowing smoothly as well. Mary praises the routine, calling it "dreamlike." She says Pasha freaks her out because he's so good, and she specifically points out the "fall-away slip-pivot double-reverse-spin over-spin." Awesome. Even Nigel has no idea what she's talking about. She says sometimes dancers have a tough time conveying passion during a dance like this, but they got it. Guest judge Maya Angelou is effusive, as usual, spinning poems about their versatility and transformation from their earlier hip-hop routine.

Neil's dancing solo to the Dave Matthews Band, "Out of My Hands," which ought to be his death knell right there. Again, we know he can do everything he does here. The one moment of excitement is when he does a flip that lands him perilously close to the edge of the stage, prompting Cat to joke that he took five years off her life.

Doriana Sanchez is choreographing the disco routine for Danny and Lauren, which is going to involve a lot of tricks, quick turns, and footwork. Danny explains the "death drop," in which he drops Lauren to the floor (holding onto her hand), and she spins, on the floor, and then gets up and spins the other way. Doriana says that if their hands are the wrong way, then it "really is a death drop." Somehow I doubt that, Doriana. Both Danny and Lauren bitch that this is hard, and Doriana says, "Disco is no joke," which is another not-entirely-true statement.

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