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"Don't Leave Me This Way" by the Communards. It's not great. It's not effortless. The "death drop" doesn't work out exactly as advertised. The lifts were done better by pretty much any participant at any given Wrestlemania. They seem pretty tired by the end of the match, I mean, "routine." "It's official! Disco is no joke!" chirps Cat. Nigel's shocked at the difficulty of the routine, even though he was the one calling out the choreographers last time. He says disco is always fun to watch, and praises their ability to keep smiling, even with the bruises on their (Lauren's) legs. He's impressed that Lauren was able to keep smiling. Has he missed every show this season? Mary loved it, says Lauren looked fantastic, and loved seeing Danny having so much fun, especially since this wasn't exactly up his alley. Debbie is the third judge to call the routine "fun," and says it was exciting to see "disco reinvented," and this is why "America is watching."

Lacey's dancing solo to "Le Disco" by Shiny Toy Guns. She's in a black fringe-y dress, which means "sexy" Lacey is back, and she shakes her booty at the camera. Another so-so routine. But I noticed that the producers have finally stopped flashing the amount of time left in the routine up on the giant screen, so the audience robots aren't loudly counting down the final few seconds anymore. Well done.

Sabra and Neil are up for the paso doble, choreographed by Tony Meredith. Sabra talks about how Neil walked in with the matador attitude. "It's all attitude. That's all Neil has," she says during rehearsal. Burn! Neil talks about the need to be manly for this dance. Too bad for him, then, that he didn't draw a card for more of a pretty-boy routine. At one point during rehearsal, Neil spins and clocks Tony in the face, and Tony dramatically collapses to the floor. Neil interviews deadpan that he had to do something about Tony trying to "outman" him.

"Espana Cani" by Juan and Gennaro. I have no idea if this is any good; I'd never even heard of the paso doble before I started watching this show. I do know that it doesn't really excite me. The cool bit does come at the end, though, with the dance's climax of Sabra flipping up into a ring around Neil's head (she's holding onto the heels of her shoes), and then he drops her so she slides down his body (still in a ring) to the floor. Nigel is amazed, calling it "absolutely stunning" and says if anyone had asked him if Neil or Sabra had a chance to win the competition, he wouldn't have been sure. I can see that being the case with Neil, but he wasn't sure that one of the dancers whom the judges have been unanimous in praising, week in, week out, could win?

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