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Nigel was super into the leaps as well, and compliments Kent for underplaying his part, which is an excellent point. There were none of the Kent histrionics to distract from the performance. Which, to be fair, he has always done in contemporary. It's when he's out of his home style that the nerves cause him to mug, I'd say. Nigel also pegs Kent as the frontrunner "now that Alex is out of the way," which: he was the frontrunner anyway, right? Votes-wise? Mia praises the softness and vulnerability which paired with the strength of their dancing made for a "great marriage." Connect the dots, Mia! Do it! She also says Adechike danced like a "Giselle," which everybody has a bit of fun with before Cat hustles everyone through (guess we're not ahead of schedule anymore, huh?).

With Ashley injured, Robert gets paired with Kathryn for his disco. But first we're treated to Robert and Ashley in rehearsals, where she talks about his loud laugh, and we get to see Robert's big, beautiful face burst out laughing a few times. He's really just stunning to look at. The Return of Doriana Sanchez finally claimed the injury victim we all knew was coming, as Ashley busted her ribs up. Luckily, we have Kathryn, who is amazing. In all honesty, she outshines Robert pretty significantly here. His height seems to be a problem, as he's constantly struggling to get low to the ground (it could be the pants, which...well, thank God for those pants). And the lifts look labored as they begin and end. But Robert has the right attitude and energy -- let's see how far that gets him!

Nigel, once again, goes into his annual stump speech about how great and difficult and impressive disco is. He loved the routine, but Mia found it too thin. Nigel takes issue with this, but Mia holds her ground. Adam states his case less belligerently than Nigel -- basically that disco isn't about steps but about energy and "selling fun" and Robert did both -- and almost has me convinced. Robert makes a point of telling Mia he sees what she's saying, because he's still on "prove to America I'm not an a-hole" duty. He seems genuine to me.

Rundown! Order of preference:

Robert and Allison's contemporary
Jose and Dominic's B-boy
Kent and Neil's Broadway
Kent and Adechike's contemporary
Billy and Anya's jive
Robert and Kathryn's disco
Adechike and Anya's salsa
Lauren and Mark's Tahitian
Billy and Lauren's jazz
Jose and Courtney's Broadway

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So You Think You Can Dance




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