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The Case of the Missing Ashleigh

Wow, the season's almost over already! That's crazy. This week, we cut from eight to six, then next week, we go from six to one. It seems like there's a pacing problem there, doesn't it? Not that I'm complaining, because although I enjoy this show, I think two seasons in 2009 is probably enough. I'm just saying, I might have gotten my fill of people who Think They Can Dance, whether they can or not. And I'm starting to hyperfocus on thing like Mollee's landings. Sometimes, it looks like she comes down from her leaps a little bit wrong.

Also, there are only seven dancers here. A girl's missing ... where's Ashleigh? Isn't that going to throw things off? Did they have an elimination over the weekend when no one was watching?

Cat comes out and refers to the dancers as "your remaining contestants," neatly sidestepping the numbers issue. She introduces the jidges (the audience is kind of sick of participating in the part where they shout "JUDGES!" if you ask me) and preps us for the evening's festivities. Each allegedly random pairing will get two dances, and everyone dances a solo. And one of each pair's songs has been remixed. But enough stalling! Ashleigh, get out here and explain yourself!

Ashleigh comes out to explain that her shoulder popped out during a lift in rehearsal. She wants to dance, but the doctors won't let her. Boooo! So she's being taken away for an MRI to keep her from running on stage and dancing her little heart out. But she's not getting a free pass to the finale (next week! Already!) and she's not being tossed out on her separated shoulder. She's getting a phone number just like everyone else, and if she's got enough fans, she could maybe garner enough votes not to be in the bottom. Without dancing. That feels weird, but I guess I don't have a better solution. And of course, her Mystery Partner will be dancing with someone else. I guess. So Ashleigh and Mystery Partner are at quite a disadvantage tonight.

Our first actual pairing are Kathryn and Ryan. Kathryn wants to go for everything "150%", which seems like a lot. Ryan wants to make it to the finale so he can dance with his wife. Get a room, you two. They'll be doing a Doriana Sanchez disco routine, and the theme is "last dance." I bet I know what song they'll be doing! They talk about the lifts like they'll be a problem, but Ryan seems pretty good at this sort of thing. Lifting heavy objects, I mean.

They will indeed be dancing to Donna Summer's "Last Dance", but it's "an exclusive Samantha Ronson remix". Samantha Ronson may or may not have been dating Lindsay Lohan in the past and they may or may not have broken up and gotten back together. The Internet has conflicting reports on the matter. The dance starts off heavy on the spots where Ryan lifts Kathryn and then slowly turns around. Then it's a fairly typical disco number, and I'm starting to find Ryan's smile really cheesy and fake. Which fits the genre perfectly, I guess. The remix is fine; it mostly consists of "WHOOOSSSHHHH!" noises being dropped in at random. Which, again, is completely appropriate for disco.

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